Documenting from Scotland the rise of the One World King; the "masonic" Sun God.

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Some old advertising with Masonic symbolism

Anybody care to decipher -


aferrismoon said...

Me sir Me sir
Farqharson - maybe the 4 is a play on 'Far' .
I can see a C & G, possibly they stand for Company of Grocers. All highly speculative.
Nevertheless you might find interesting articles on the sigil-making of Austin Osman Spare.
Thanks for Foxes Glacier mints. Do u remember the adverts , mid-80s. The slow but fairly wise Polar Bear is assailed by the yapping Blue Fox which wants the Bear off the mint. In my delerious ming I imagine the rather thoughtful, bearlike Brown , who heads the party now with a 'soul', assailed by the yapping populist clique demanding soundbites and more verbless sentences a la Blair.
It also proves synchronous that we have GBush,GBritain,GBrown and Grizzly Bear.
Ciao 4 Now

Newspaceman said...


I was thinking more that there was a big sun and within it a cypher and the year 1694. Unfortunately, details are very sketchy for this period in time, given the calendar changes which went on.

I will have a look at Austin.

thank you, cheers