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Monday, 9 July 2007

The Great Global Warming Swindle

This weekend we saw the concerts throughout the world for Live Earth where pop stars told us how we were destroying the planet.

Who exactly are these pop stars anyway ? Why are we crediting them as being intelligent, educated and wordly wise individuals ? Are they perhaps simply used as puppets ?

Why are the natural cycles of the earth, sun and solar system never given any credence or in depth analysis ?

Is it because the answer is actually written there, up above you ?



hoi polloi said...

I heard Madonna was reprimanded in the press for having investements in companies that were anything but 'green'..what a joke!

Newspaceman said...

Thanks Miss Polloi.

I am not sure of the identity of the bearded gentleman who intoduced Madonna at the Global Earth concert but he spoke of illumination and suchlike; it was almost as if he was incanting spirits or suchlike, his behaviour was slightly disturbing and almost pompous, if you follow that.

very worrying