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Saturday 16 June 2007

TV News Review - 15th June 2007

BBC at 10 first with the flooding in England. Images of flooded streets and houses; children, dancing in the water, a boy pulled from a raging stream and a 4WD stranded in a flooded river.

4WD=bandit country. Or so we would believe. If it cant make it, nothing will. A Weeping Lady was interviewed - "all lost in 40 minutes" she sobbed. An Old Man stated it was - "frightening". So was he. Foolish children danced in the floodwater, the paedophiles seemed to be away. Algarve maybe, heard of easy pickings? Either that or paedos dont like rain. Neither it seems do the "always watchful mothers", they seemed to have disappeared, perhaps secure that the TV camera crews presence would negate the omipresent child abuser. Maybe it was happy hour ?

We had time for helicopter views and tornados in Dudley. We saw bag ridden black migrants wading through flood-rivers: they were later interviewed : the camera focused into the wrist of our coloured brother; on which a chain and tag sat. The good news was that it has stopped raining in Sheffield.

Next, African migrants. Rather than us having to catch them in the manner of Roots; the 70's drama, these fools are delusional enough to believe that Europe is the promised land. As such, they are forking out a fortune ($1200) to be "people carried" to Italy via Malta. I will say no more other than they were pictured in a large inflatable craft similar to that used in the UK by the emergency services.

Michael Barrymore - released no charge in gay murder charge(as reported in the newspaceman yesterday). Images of Bazza at the Queens Variety Show were shown.

Paedophiles next, five of 'em. Dont worry though, 4 of the "major" ones have been caught through some sort of initiative by the Goverment. New orders are on the way to protect "us". Sorry but these were not even proper paedos; none looked creepy and at least one, when recaptured, had been released.

Next, a patronising feature which yet again claimed that we dont know how much we can drink and still be under the limit. We saw a bogus couple and tv doctor discussing the issue. This comprised the couple asking nonsense questions such as "how many units are in a glass of wine". Answer - How big is the glass, how big are you and how much can you quaff? Answer given was one unit. Real answer - If you drink and drive, you know the score. We all do. Therefore, there are no odds to gamble. Anyway, we might have random testing. Another excuse for Plod to stop you; willy nilly.

That was it on BBC and I need to update this on Sunday.

In the meantime, on the regional news, on a feature which claimed our toddlers knew nothing of sectarianism, we saw a reporter ask a two year old if she knew what a protestant was. She shook her head.

She will now though.


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