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Friday 22 June 2007

TV News Review - Thursday 21st June

The BBC News at 10 started with Afghanistan as part of a special report on the country.

Images of war, battles etc were shown and we were told that the Taliban ruled Afghansitan from 1996 - 2001. We moved over to the Afghan/Pakistan border where we linked with the American 82nd Airbourne who are stationed in this area.

Rather than show any more battle scenes, the BBC told us how the Americans were involved in the "rescue of a pregnant woman, injured in a family duel" in this, a "lawless country." Basically we are being asked to accept that "our" forces are doing a "good thing" in terms of humanity and so we saw the lady's baby being born in the safety of a hospital. Babies and toddlers are fantastic propaganda. We were told that there is no way the baby would have lived if the americans had not helped and we saw "concerned" male american soldiers, trying to act normal and caring, gushing over the baby, in the manner of a woman and revelling in their perceived status of saviours.

These troops come from the "mightiest army in the world" and are over there to "end the culture of the gun". Furthermore, these lands in the mountains are full of "violence and cruelty." . They are now anyway.

Now over to the studio for "the rest of the news" (which implies the Afghan report was news, which in fact it was not)

Tony Blair is in Brussels and we are arguing about "giving our power away." Tony has four key issues that he is not happy about. We saw a man interviewed who say we "require a referendum." An angry, ranting, foreign man was shown as was a large Bob the Builder. Mention was made of "sour cherry soup" , "Hitler killed too many Poles" and "dont mention the war". I still am having difficulty with this story, we dont seem to get any actual facts, just nonsense.

Old Nick Robinson next and he was at the palace of intrigue, this being the House of Commons. The story is to do with Gordon Brown offering Paddy Ashdown a job and in doing so, upsetting the Liberal Democrat leader - Ming Campbell. Nick is obviously well in the know, he told us that a "pink message slip" was handed to Paddy which read "phone Gordon Brown, he wants to see you". Yep.
Anti-terror laws next; they are simply not working. The conservative party are not happy because 7 people have now vanished, despite being on control orders. The reason for this is obvious although was not stated. The control measures are designed to be flimsy to allow the suspects to "escape". This means that there can be an outcry and therefore more stringent control orders can be imposed to stop this happening.

Posties next and 100,000 CWU workers are ready to strike. It is likely to be next Thursday. We saw a small business which will be badly affected. The union are not happy as many job losses are forecast. Management have advised there is "no option but to change". Your author will write an article on the post office later today, he has personal experience of it.

You better watch out though posties - Jessops, the photgraphic shop, is closing with major job losses. They are simply not competitive now we were told. Coincidentally, the Post Office has the Jessops account, or did a few years ago anyway.

Next was Bocastle, flash flooding up to 3 feet deep.

Football and Manchester City are to be bought over by Thanskin Shinawatra, the former Thai prime minister. This was quite a long feature and told us of the potential purchaser's "murky past". We saw a supporter interviewed and he cheerfully advised us that "everything is bent in football anyway". Perhaps young man but you have been hypnotised by a triviality. It is the whole world which is "bent" and that is nothing to be cheerful about. This feature was presented by the new Indian sports reporter who's name I have forgotten although I have mentioned him quite recently in the newspaceman. The whole upshot being that our world is now "global".

Time to go back to Afghanistan for some "night fighting" and adorable children. "Education is the key". So we are told and this frightens me. When does education turn into conditioning. Surely the edges are blurred. Yet we believe that our schools and teachers are doing a good thing. Who decides what is being taught ? What is really being said here is that we (the western world) will educate these children our way. That way we can all be the same. And we will believe that this "sameness" is a good thing. And we will have forgotten, collectively, that there was once an alternative.

A global slave race. Anyone with an interest in this, please read the following , it is enlightening.

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