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Wednesday 20 June 2007

TV News Review - Tuesday 19th June 2007

Starting with the BBC News at 10, the lead story revolved around the fact that "thousands and thousands" of prisoners are to be released from their stay at Her Majesty's Pleasure before they have completed their sentence.

We were advised that this is embarrasing for the government because it was "obvious this would happen". We are not building enough new prisons for the volume of criminals who are being sent there by our courts. 25,000 prisoners will be released up to 18 days early and this in turn will allow 1200 extra places with our jails. No mention was made of the fact that the majority of prisoners are released early after serving half their sentence anyway because of good behaviour.

This story again was designed to instill fear amongst viewers and almost gave the impression that gangs of prisoners will be released en masse to cause more trouble within our "society".

Next, China, not the Queens teacup's but the country. They dont seem to have any problem with building. In fact, they are managing to construct "not one but two" coal burning power stations per week. This has come as a shock to us as apparently we thought that they were only building one a week. This though, is a problem in respect of global warming - "Great Britian strives to combat the workshop of the world". Images were shown of rural chinese people, cycling and in their paddy fields. They dont appear to value this lifestyle we were told and in fact "they desire to live like we live".

One wonders how exactly these chinese peasants know how we live. It would appear that they have not been here to visit and so one can only assume that they have gathered information on our "lifestyle" via the television. This may have given a slightly distorted view, lets hope they dont watch all of it or China may turn into a land of Graham Nortons for example. Maybe that is the intention, newspaceman covered a report on the problem of China's increasing population only a few weeks ago. Avid readers may recall that rural chinese people were claiming to have had different sized and aged twins in order to get round the one child rule.

Iraq next and their is no case to answer for any military personnel involved in the Iraq hostage situation which you should remember. In case you didnt though, the BBC ran the highlights of the story again. We saw the "prisoners" in their Iraq supplied "gangster suits", rummaging through their "goodie bags" and serving tea to each other on trays. This feature contained a reworded sea-shanty which had been cleverly composed by the BBC.

What shall we do with the captured sailor...... early in the morning,
Take away his i-pod and make him blubber (repeat) etc etc.

Anyway, we saw images of up to date military operations in the Gulf and were told that"lessons have been learned from this debacle" and, furthermore "Navy and Nation will be better prepared next time".

Same report as yesterday on abortions, minus the foetal images.

Next up was the appeal against the conviction for murder of Jill Dando by Barry George.

I will update this further this evening, sorry time is pressing today.


Anonymous said...

I heard Nicky Campbell play the sea shanty on BBC radio - does anyone remember Nicky? the high point of his career was hosting a moronic game show called the wheel of fortune, now he does the graveyard shift on Radio 5. Anyway, concerning the sea shanty, it was screamingly funny; are you sure the BBC put that together? I thought it was some comedian.
On the Barry "George" issue. Barry's real name is Bulsara. You are fallening into the enemy's trap by referring to Mr Bulsara as Mr George. Barry legally changed his name, before the police decided they would never find the real killer of the hapless Dando, and decided to pin the execution on Mr Bulsara.
At Mr Bulsara's trial, the state told the jury that Barry would be referred to as Barry George, even though his legal name was Bulsara. The state told the jury that it didn't like Barry's real name, that Barry shouldn't have chosen such a name for himself, and because Barry was such a crazy weirdo, the state was going to refer to him as Barry George...of course, Mr Bulsara would get a totally fair trial. Tangentically, I wonder how much it costs to get one's name changed, and did Barry get a refund?

hoi polloi said...

At OJ Simpson's trial one of the key witnesses was adressed by a nickname instead of her legal name while on the witness stand. I think Springmeier may have mentioned this as evidence of her being triggered for the purposes of hypnotically enhanced testimony. The woman also happened to be the wife of Carl Colby -former CIA director...

Newspaceman said...

Hiya SW, thanks for your comments.
I remember Nicky Campbell. I thought that the BBC had made it up but apparently it was first heard at a navy versus army football match a month or two ago.

I didnt know anything about the real name Barry "George" , thanks for letting me know, I didnt bother about the news back then and had no idea of this whatsoever.I mentioned him again today, he was dressed in a straightjacket last night on the BBC.

Miss Polloi, this is news to me as well and greatly appreciated. I had never heard or thought about this concept but it makes perfect sense.

thanks again,