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Monday 25 June 2007

BBC News Review - Sunday 24th June

I only caught the BBC news programme at around half five yesterday evening; the leading feature being the handover of power to Gordon Brown by Tony Blair and the election of Harriet Harman.

Old Nick Robinson, the BBC chief political editor was reporting on this, it appeared to me that he was none too happy with the result and as such resorted to pulling faces to show his personal opinons. We saw images of Gordon, Tony, Harriet and were reminded that Harriet is "to the left" and "opposed the war in Iraq." What concerns me is that all this happened on the Sabbath yet both Tony and Gordon are both happy to advertise their faith in their respective religions.

Chemical Ali next, one of Saddam Hussain's top boys, who was yesterday sentenced to death by a court in Iraq. The BBC showed an Iraqi bar room setting with locals gathered round the ubiquitous television screen. The death sentence appeared to be announced on the television as the locals raised their full glasses in the air in mock celebration. We went outside to see some cars driving along a road. The reporter advised that the streets had been quiet over this verdict, there was no repetition of the scenes when Saddam was sentenced; for example, guns being fired in the air in celebration.

Another soldier dies in Iraq, a corporal.

200 die in storms in Pakistan.

Time for a tear jerker and today the BBC had located an eighteen month old girl who requires a new heart. We got to see the parents interviewed, obviously they are both distraught and desperate. Then we got to see the tube festooned baby in the hospital with all the equipment, a mechanical heart etc. We were asked "Why can't a heart be found". Reasons given included that we are so child safety conscious in this country. They didnt go so far as to say that basically they need another child to die to obtain a heart but that is the reality. Anyway, the mother, Zoe, hopes that her child eventually has two birthdays - like the Queen. We are off to see the wizard...

Glastonbury next and the lightweights leaving early. We saw people interviewed, obviously filthy and soaking wet, given the weather conditions. Festivals have almost become summer football for the masses, something to look forward to, and, as such, the media have pumped them up over the last few years. Therefore, they are no longer what they used to be, they have lost their spirit and soul a wee bit.

Newspaceman fondly remembers an early "rave" club in Edinburgh. It was called the tattoo and was originally within a former art studio I think. There was only a table and two massive fridges which only stocked Red Stripe, in terms of bar fittings. Everyone was always mashed and I think that maybe, collectively, we had all become conscious of the reality of the fake world we inhabited. It was the time to forget it all and it was like you had escaped, on several levels at once, from reality. Reality had become transparently, obviously fake. Just like the house prices.

A crash next, but not an economic one, rather Jose Luis Castillo hitting the canvas after an awesome body punch by Ricky Hatton. We saw images of the fight and knockout punch and were told that Ricky will probably be having a few fry ups and a few pints. Ricky doesnt seem to subscribe to the norm in terms of training, eating etc and does this not tell us something. That you dont always have to follow the specifications to succeed. Perhaps deviancy is a good thing but it does not seem to be desired any longer in our new, global world.

It was time for some more sport, this time motorbike racing and that was it.


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merjoem32 said...

It was a great fight. Certainly more exciting than the other super fights. this fight is just what boxing needs. I'm looking forward to Hatton-Mayweather.