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Thursday 14 June 2007

TV News Review - Wednesday 13th June

Starting with the BBC News at 10 and Palestine. It has all kicked off and therefore we were treated to images of urban warfare including children sheltering in mosque's to avoid gunfire. We were told Gaza was "a land without hope, where gunmen ultimately rule". Take it the "Israeli jews" are ready to claim their "homeland".

A member of the Lebanese parliament was killed in a bomb blast.

Meanwhile in Iraq, the al-Askari shrine suffered two blasts. We were told al- Quaeda were assumed responsible.

Back in blightly, a lady in her late thirties has been arrested on suspected murder charges. The victims are her two teenage daughters. We saw the house and street, in a fairly affluent area, along with neighbours being interviewed. No one seemed to really know the family, even though they had lived there for three years. We were advised that their garden was a bit overgrown though and we saw a young lad laying flowers at the ubiquitous "shrine". He was wearing the ubiquitous football top.

The ubiquitous McCanns next. A Dutch newspaper has received a letter which gives details of where Madeleine is alleged to be buried. The newspaper received a similar letter in the same handwriting last year; in a case involving two young Belgian girls. Strange thing is, that letter was found to be accurate but the murderer is now behind bars. The BBC did not mention that fact.

Paedophiles next and new measures are being introduced by John Reid. He, in my opinion, has lost it. He has lost his grip of reality and the "fear" virus has consumed him. We saw images of vigilantes marching in the manner of a dark ages witch hunt. The new measures are due to the fact that in 90% of child abuse cases, the victim knows their abuser.

John believes that paedophiles specifically target victims and integrate themselves into communities and families. Now, single mothers for example, will be able to vet a prospective partner, to ensure he is not a deviant. Also, more use will be made of satellite tracking of known paedophiles and drugs may be administered to negate these abnormal sexual desires although how those latter two measures will reduce the 90% figure was not discussed. The BBC closed this feature by showing images of Madeleine McCann.

Falkland next and all that goes with it. Victory, War, Death, Misery. This was the last colonial War we were told. A mother was interviewed, in the Falklands, laying flowers for her dead son who was killed in action. She said she was happy to have given her son to such a good cause. Frightening. Pity the Bob Monkhouse team, as reported in yesterdays newspaceman, could not have reincarnated her son to give his views.

Next, if you think your life is shite now, wait till you get old. Judging by this report, you are likely to suffer badly. Your carers will steal your money, abuse you and neglect you. We were told we are on the ball with child abuse and domestic violence but abuse of the elderly has been forgotten.

We then saw images of a grimey kitchen and tins of cheap brand label food. A lady was interviewed who had befriended an old gentleman and felt that his family had robbed from him and neglected him. She had tried to report it but nothing was done. Newspaceman lived with his grandfather for a fair time whilst younger so is aware of elderly gentlemans habits and felt the kitchen scene was a bit misleading. My grandad walked a mile or so to save 1p on a pint of milk and purchased own brand food but he could not be said to be poverty stricken. Although you may have thought that.

Coming up - George Bush's watch

First, the Judge accused of flashing was found not guilty. We saw a rerun of yesterday's feature plus a bit more.

Interest rates next. We were told of an increase in bond interest rates and how this may affect us. Seemingly, bond interest rates are more important that savings or mortgage rates. Furthermore, Gordon Brown used to borrow money at 4.8%, now it is 5.5%. Additionally, this may affect the stock market. As I have said before, the media seem to be almost enticing a house price and share crash, both of which are inevitable anyway.

Next was a feature on space tourism, we saw a prototype rocket for space holidaymakers who wish to escape the earth for a bit. Handy for WW3 then.

Time for Bush and his missing watch, I covered this yesterday as it was on ITN a day earlier. Only update was that it was a cheap watch, maybe $50.

Last but not least was the French president, appearing drunk, appearing on TV.

As the week progresses, your writer becomes more and more tired and disillusioned. As such I didnt take too many notes on ITN -

It was as BBC. However we eventually got to see "elephant man" Simon Weston; (as promised on Sundays news) a hero from the Falklands War series. He was with his mum.

Big feathered dinosaur bones have been found, this is a totally new species we have discovered. We saw clips from the Speilberg film, I forget the name, sorry. Anyway, this is major news in dinosaur land.

And again, as with the BBC yesterday, we had a long feature on the new student loan system in Scotland. Again we were reminded that Scotland gets more money per head than our English neighbours, about a grand and a half a year per person. We are told this may affect the Union. What is certain is that this increases bitterness between our two countries populations and would therefore help in the process for a consensual split.

It needs to be broken up before it can be rebuilt, please remember that, for that is the intention. Rebuilt as before but with India, Germany, Poland etc. This is your potential New World and its order. The "leader" or figurehead will be of the same stock as now.

They are manipulating your natural emotions of fear and aggression, via the television, in order to achieve their nefarious ideals which will leave you like a battery chicken, stuck in a cage within a bigger cage. You might be "safe" but you will have no soul, no freedom, no concept of a real life and neither will your precious children.

What happens when you can't lay the eggs any more ?


cecilia said...

very pleased,to see that someone sees the same news that i do. You only have to watch the BBC news opening sequence with cameras , satellites beaming a web of red lines around a hostile, frightening dull coloured world to know what it is all about. All being literally drummed into you by the incescant drum beat which you feel in your stomach( like the telly tubbies).
The message being be afraid for yourself and your children from debt, war, paedophiles terrorists etc... it can only get worse and theres nothing you can do about it because of threat of cameras, fines and the inevitable tedium and evil of the world.
The news is so lucidrous my hope is it reflects desperation from the powers that be.what are they afraid of? lets hope its us and that we will all begin to wake up before its too late

Newspaceman said...

Hiya Cecilia, thank you very much for your comments, it sums up my thoughts.

My worry is that maybe "they" want us all to wake up and that that is part of a bigger plan against humanity.

Who actually runs the media?

cheers again