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Tuesday 12 June 2007

TV News Review - 11th June

The BBC News at 10 commenced with a report on a young Kurdish lady who was killed by her own father and uncle; then buried in a suitcase, under a patio, in a house in Birmingham. We were told that this was a so called "honour" killing and had resulted from the fact that the young girl had left her "arranged" husband and taken up with a new man.

In Kurdish society, this is not acceptable and seen as bringing the family into shame. The girl had previously been involved in an incident, a month prior, where she claimed her father had got her drunk and was going to murder her. She was admitted into hospital that night where her new boyfriend had made a mobile phone video recording of her claims. We saw images of policeman, cordoned off areas, helicopter views etc and her sister gave a short interview although her face was obscured by a veil. Many other Kurds were believed to have helped in some way with transportation of the body, alibis etc.

Gordon Brown was in Iraq, he is there to see for himself what sort of state it is in. As it is so dangerous, he could only observe from the ubiquitous gun toting helicopter. However he manged to land in a military compound and meet some troops, press and bigwigs. He is questioning the integrity of the intelligence we received before commencing this "war" however it is a bit late really. He is not being drawn on the question of withdrawing the military.

Another policeman has been murdered, this time in Luton. A man in his late 30's has been arrested. We saw images of cordoned off streets and forensic teams. A map of the UK was zoomed into Luton and then into the actual streets, like streetmap. Just so we know it could be our street next. We were reminded of the other police officers murdered on duty in the last few years and images were shown of their faces to remind us. Few details have been released so were shown a stab proof vest and told the bits it did not protect. You would think the police would be none to happy about this, I would be if I was a policeman.

A 37 year old women shot be a policewoman in Kent. A firearm was recovered.

2 year old boy fund dead, floating in lifejacket in English Channel.

A bizzare feature on the Olympics next and how work is progressing in terms of building the facilities. It has not actually started so instead we saw images of wasteland, industrial estates and electric pylons. The Indian reporter showed us round though and told us snippets such as "in this yellow building where luxury lace curtains are made - they are preparing to move out".

Coming up - Lewis Hamilton

First, 8000 sex offenders have received cautions in the last 5 years rather than being charged with a criminal offence. We were told that 1600 involved children in some way. We saw images of policemen on the beat, and were told of child porn and internet grooming again involving children. No breakdown of the 1600 was provided and how many involved two "children".

Railways next and they are in a state apparently and this is due to Network Rail. We saw disgruntled passengers interviewed and were told that "punctuality must be uppermost". Unless there is an accident though ?

Alan Johnston - More vigils have been held.

The McCanns next, arriving in Morocco to continue the search and then grieve. They were met by dozens of small children all clutching large missing posters of Madeleine who chanted her name. I am not sure why.

Lewis Walker next and we saw images of him, very early, before his career commenced, aged 7 , on Blue Peter with a remote controlled car. We then saw more images of him growing older and go-karting. We were told his career had been planned since he was 8. Wonder if he has ever seen a badger ?

Cricket - England Won.

Over to ITN for I think one of the most disturbing things I have ever seen.

They commenced with the honour killing, showing us the mobile phone video from hospital. They then showed another mobile phone recording, this one at the scene of the policemans muder, as it happened almost. We saw speeding police cars and policeman running. We then saw an eye witness interviewed who graphically described how the "maniac" was stabbing the victim and how the witness thought he was trying to kill him.

ITN though had the veritable icing on the cake. They had managed to secure another mobile phone recording, this one from the Kurds homeland. In it we saw a baying, frenzied mob, surround a 12 year old girl. After a few seconds we manged to see the girl again and there was blood all round her head where she lay. We were told she had been stoned to death and hit with a paving slab. We then saw the mob carry her body off, whooping and shouting.

Next was Iraq, more of the same although we were told that 9 mortars landed in the Green Zone where Mr Brown had landed. The reporter on the scene was asked if they had been intended for Mr Brown and replied - "possibly". We then saw the huge statue of Saddam being toppled over at the start of this fiasco. An Iraqui was interviewed and stated his fears of mass civil war should the troops leave.

Madeleine McCann, again the visit to Morocco.

A small feature on July 21st bombers and reference made to 7/7

Manchester Catherdral next, outrage as a computer game manufacturers Sony have released a new game in which players slaughter aliens within the cathedral. We were told this was beyond belief and saw images of the cathedral. We then saw images of the computer game being played with machine gun etc.

Falkland next but no sign of the promised Simon Weston. Instead we saw images of war, battleships, troops and saw a makeshift bothy, built with ammunition boxes. We were apparantly lucky to win the War, it could have gone either way. It was really due to the fact that our troops are heroes and the Argentinians, cowards.

That was it, pretty horrific really. Just like it is meant to be. A giant vicious circle.

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