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Tuesday 19 June 2007

TV News Review - Monday 18th June

Before the News last night, I watched a programme on Channel 4 - The Dangerous School for Boys. This documentary on a Catholic seconday boarding school in France merits more attention and I shall write further about it today.

The BBC kicked off proceedings with a feature on a global paedophile ring which has been smashed by the authorities. Martin Cox, a weasly faced individual from England was found guilty of possessing and distributing 11,000 images of children to child abusers throughout the world.

This feature told us that children would be "raped by appointment" and the resulting images sold. Cox used the name Son of God in his business enterprise and was given an indeterminate sentence which conceivably means he could die in jail. We were told of "chat rooms" and babies.

Over to Pakistan next for a feature on a graduation ceremony for suicide bombers. A video has been released which showed say 80 characters, all with faces covered, "graduating" from terrorist training school. One of them spoke in English and declared he was ready to begin his suicide bomb career. The headmasters of the school included the new Taliban leader and we were told of an al-Quaeda/Taliban pact in the Border Country of Pakistan and Afghanistan. They carried hand held missile launchers and a fleet of cars sat nearby.

Pakistan again next as it appears that their parliament is none to happy with the decision of our Queen to honour Salman Rushdie, probably the most hated man in the Islamic world. We saw images of the protests 20 years ago when Rushdie published his book, "The Satanic Verses". A fatwa or death sentence was imposed on him at the time by the Islamic religion so great was the perceived disrespect. The Queen has honoured him in respect of his literary work though so that is okay. Talk about stirring it.

Tony Blair next and the European Treaty. Tony says we wont be signing up for it, again the report on this issue seemed rather blurred and I will await judgement until matters are explained in full. It seems to be all part of the new order of global government.

David Cameron, the Conservative leader appeared next and we saw images of him speeching at the Unite conference. He blames the current state of "social breakdown" on the lack of family units and believes that "every child needs a secure start from a safe and loving home". Mr Cameron may be well intentioned but he has no concept of the real problem in todays world. Surely, if one watches say Eastenders and sees countless family break ups (plus the rest) then one's opinion of correct social values becomes somewhat distorted. This logic can be applied to murder, rape, anything really. The very fact we have seen something terrible (albeit on the TV) has allowed its very concepts into our minds.

Gordon Brown next, again speeching at the Unite conference. He was heckled after claiming that our nurses were getting a fair pay rise and a good overall deal for their job. The problem is I think that maybe most nurses actually want to be nurses. In todays finance driven world this is a weakness and as such will naturally result in exploitation.

Our political presenter, Nick Robinson then narrated a tale from outside Wembley Stadium and talked of the "match ahead" and "the team that scores the first goal". You author apologies but has no idea as to what the esteemed Mr Robinson was referring to. It just seemed to be an excuse to use football as a metaphor for politics. We all like football.

Coming up - Flashback to the 80's - Smoking Ban.

Next though, the rise in ladies obtaining abortions is astronomical. We were told that in 1968, 22,000 abortions were carried out in the UK. In 2005, that number had risen to 186,000. This feature was illustrated by means of a foetus in the womb which moved about. We then saw Lord David Steel, the MP who proposed this legislation 40 years ago. He spoke of the fact that it appears abortion is almost being used as a form of contraception. We were told that 32% of ladies who have an abortion have already had one.

I do not wish to discuss the ethics. Bear in mind though that firstly the 32% gives a false impression. There may be some ladies who have had say 4 or 5 and this would increase the supposed 32% figure. This is how figures and statistics can be manipulated and distorted. Notwithstanding this, are there maybe not a lot of "back street" abortions, involving bottles of gin. Furthermore, not too many years ago the art of midwifery also included logical, natural contraceptive methods such as the moon and the menstrual cycle. However, as humans, we have more or less lost our "bond" to mother earth and nature and as such, these practices have been forgotten.

We had time for a report on Gaza - "to see how the people are faring. " Not too well it seems and things will get worse. Usual war, death imagery.

Then a small clip of a US forces helicopter crashing into the sea.

Smoking ban next "prepare to be cast out onto the streets". Images were shown from the 1980's of people smoking on planes, in offices etc. With the new smoking ban in England there will be no smoking in any contained public area. This seems fairly obvious but the BBC showed images of taxis, cinemas and the symbolic red London double decker bus just to let us know.

Dont worry though, we are still allowed to smoke in our own homes. But only just. In Liverpool, the local council has written to its tenants asking them to refrain from smoking for half an hour before any of their representatives visit.

We saw a wheezing scouser in his 50's advising that this will become a police thing.

Bernard Manning next. He has passed away aged 76. Images were shown of Bernard in smokey, working mens clubs, croaking out jokes which we were reminded, by an Asian reporter, are no longer acceptable. This included a joke about Black people claiming to be English because they were born here. Bernard advised that if a dog was born in a stable then it would not be a horse. Other "offensive jokes" were also told. The key to Bernard's success is in fact that "a particular audience never tires of him". Cue images of white, "working class" men expressing their love of him.

I wrote an article on "racism" just on Saturday where I expressed the opinion that we are all racist although may care to deny it. Surely, Bernard was doing a good thing with race relations. Making us laugh at it all. We are not laughing at the black people, only the humour and to me this is a good way of ridding ourselves of predjudice.

That was it for BBC although our regional news carried a feature on Alex Salmond, the SNP leader, meeting the Irish leaders, Paisley and Adams in Stormont for a chat. These are part of the forthcoming new order. Why do think Paisley is so cheery.

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