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Thursday 28 June 2007

TV News Review - Wednesday 27th June

I could only stomach part of the BBC News at 10 last night. That was more than enough. It really all just revolved around Blair and Brown. Very dour. Very smooth, orchestrated by the media it seems to me. Last nights news avoided war stories and stuck to positives. Tony is Dr. Feelgood and we are all dazed on a diet of milk and alcohol.

Thsi game has been played by a Grandmaster. Tony was on his last legs after Iraq, it was all too suspect and his arrangement with George Bush was questionable. Yet now, we have Tony accepting a new job, this one global. Cherie advised the media in an ambigous statement that she did not think she would miss them. Did this not mean that she intends Tony to remain in the spotlight and therefore they will not be missing from her life rather than the opposite meaning offered by the BBC. In thunder, lightning, or in rain ?

Another evaluation of Brown and his capabilties for the job. Then a final resume of the Blair years, house prices have rised by a huge percentage and personal debt is in the trillions. Read between the lines and think here. Are you really better off ? Think about your actual life. Is it better ?

In between, we saw Cameron, at one point in a corner shop. The next image shown was a veiled muslim lady just to reinforce some stereotypes.

This whole pantomime went on for a while but eventually we had time for some other news. Flooding first, the usual cleaning up images. The BBC had managed to find a "flood victim" with an extremely large nose. He told us the smell of sewage was "getting a bit ripe". We saw new build houses, flooded. They had similar window panels to that of number 10 Downing Street. The ones that look like the rays of the sun in the panels directly over the front door.

"More heartbreak" though. We saw beer barrels being rolled back up out a cellar. "Contaminated", we were told, our reporter sounded heartbroken.

Time for another story on abortions, fourth in two weeks on the BBC.

Last but not least. The mother of a fourteen year old boy who was stabbed to death was shown, in her grief. "Why" was the question she most wanted to know.

The answer, if you were watching, was staring you in the face. The most effective tool in the box. The box itself is the paradoxical viral carrier of today's social and spiritual malaise.

We have forgotten where we came from and our reasons for being here. The television is almost in control of our society. We have one move to avoid checkmate, better make sure its the right square.


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