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Saturday 30 June 2007

Orange Walks

Today, I had the misfortune to witness the beginnings of an Orange Lodge march.

Before I receive bogus death threats, let me first confirm to my readership that my birth certificate states my religion as presbyterian. My grandfather had a number of vinyl recordings of orange and protestant bands although I do not recall ever hearing them played.

Today though, for a brief few minutes, I was somehow part of a Tolkien novel, as a procession of the ugliest humans I have ever seen assembled, marched by. Their faces were gnarled and twisted with a curious combination of loyalty, hatred, and, dare I say it, reptilianism.

Loyal to Our Majesty the Queen, songs of 1690 and the Battle of the Boyne.

These people, admirable as their misplaced loyalty may be, have no concept of the truth of this world. They believe a falsified history and, as such, believe catholics to be their enemy. Nothing could be further from the truth. They are their own worst enemies. They have no real knowledge nor any inclination to learn any. They are happy to hate as this makes them feel better for a short time.

Waken up and understand reality; please


Anonymous said...

Michael Tsarion on the Orange Order -

Newspaceman said...

Thank you Eris, very much appreciated. Someone who is telling the truth about our real history.

Anyone with an interest can also go to Mr Tsarions website, I would thoroughly recommend the astrotheology pages where there is very much quality information avaiable.