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Saturday, 9 June 2007

George Michael, Wembley & Magical Wacky Baccie

Newspaceman has grown up through the years along with George Michael, aware of his songs and music, yet perhaps reluctant to publicly admit even that slender association. This is not due to homophobia, rather that his music is more love-ballad orientated or sometimes, fast gay-dance, both being musical styles that the newspaceman avoids listening to whenever possible.

However, in his teenage years, newspaceman listened to Wham and distinctly remembers lyrics which contradicted the calvanistic work ethos which had been drummed into him. Not much later, the rave scene came and went along with newspacemans career, house, and work ethos. This the newspaceman firmly believes was not a bad move overall although somewhat stressful and bewildering at the time. All his former workmates seemed to somehow be moving in an opposite direction.

George has been in the media this week, after being found slumped at the wheel of his car. The media are having a field day about George's love of the proverbial wacky baccie, otherwise known as cannabis. We know that George prefers the sinsemilla type of cannabis rather than the poor quality soapbar solid that oftens guises under the same title. George makes no secret of his love for this drug and the fact that without it, he would have taken his own life.

Sinsemilla, strangely for a gay mans drug, is produced by harvesting only the flowers of female cannabis plants, before any fertilization has taken place. The flowers of the female plant grow into a large phallic shaped cola or bud though and this could explain an unconscious attraction though it is very doubtful.

As George himself has said, the weed allows him to open his mind and understand the realities of the world we live in. George lets no opportunity to criticise the media pass him by because he understands the cruel and evil society we live in more than most and has great understanding of how this society is being developed.

Tonight though, George is to "christen" the new Wembley stadium. He will be the first to sing there and in fact has no support band to precede him. If we look at my article about Wembley, then is George perhaps trying to negate any potential or current evil which may be lurking in the vicinity of Wembley. This is assuming George is maybe a good guy which i think he is. I would like to meet with him to look into his eyes but this is unlikely and newspaceman stresses, not for sexual reasons, only soulful.

For those who feel that science fiction influences reality, please also take time to read about Quatermass, a film in which an alien force begins feeding on congregations of people at mass events. Originally, the plot ending was set in Stonehenge however, permission to film was denyed, and the location moved to Wembley.

Anyway, respect to George, honesty and the weed.


Anonymous said...

What's the matter with skunk? The lightweight...

Michael said...

I really enjoy your blog, NSM.

I guess you and I came of age at the same time. I listened to "Faith" more than I like to admit. George (dragon slayer) Michael (prince of angels) has become a sort of "hero" to me - a gay man. He's a defender of the faith - the right to feel good - whenever, whoever and wherever.

His public "feud" with that knighted prick Elton John only makes me love him more.

Concerning cannabis, while I'm sure that George's attraction to the plant (as with me) is based purely on the effect, not on the symbolism, it is actually symbolically satisfying to a gay man that the effect is NOT due to the ever present mating of male/female, and may represent a gateway to another reality, perhaps to the divine hermaphrodite?

Newspaceman said...

Hiya Michael, thank you for your compliment, much appreciated.

The hemaphrodite cannabis plant will always be a female I think, with a few male flowers. If the plant then self pollinates then "she" will only produce female seed.

Plants then grown from this seeds may themselves may well also tend to be hemaphrodite although I believe that environmental conditions may have a bearing on whether this actually happens.

What is says to me is that plants are in touch with an unknown or unquantifiable source of "knowledge", perhaps from a devine hemaphrodite.

thanks again,

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