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Tuesday 26 June 2007

ITN News Review - Monday 25th June

ITN began like the BBC with flood scenes, we saw countless images from throughout England. In one particular live report, the reporter appeared soaking wet, as did the camera screen. He spoke of torrents of water and waved his hand to indicate the severity. Yet the background water seemed remarkably calm for a torrent and their appeared no sign of any rain falling to explain the saturated, hair dripping-wet reporter. Another mystery.

And so it continued, more and more images of flooding.

But - coming up, the story of two twin soldiers, one killed in Iraq

First was Alan Johnston. ITN are still adamant that the Dogmoosh clan are the individuals behind this outrage and tonight they proved their case further. A Hamas official has sent the Dogmoosh family a letter about the kidnapping and they have not responded. This somehow proves they have him captive, I am not sure how this does but ITN are not sure how the stalemate will be broken anyway.

Tony Blair next, he had his leaving night and was presented with an expensive acoustic guitar by his loyal staff.

The tragedy of the twins next and we saw an interview with the head of the college he once attended. We were told of his merits etc. Additionally, when one twin hurts, the other feels it.

Madeleine McCann next, 8 sightings on Malta. No one said anything at the time though.

Challenge to the NHS now over allocation of new drugs which may help patients. Sometimes these are costly and so the NHS refuse to prescribe them free. Why do we spend so much money on new drugs and medicines when we cant afford to distribute the ones we have already created? Why cant we accept that we all die at some point, physically anyway ?

Next up was Wimbledon and that was about it.


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