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Sunday 17 June 2007

ITN News Review - Friday 15th June

If I was a black man I could easily feel insulted by the ITN News at 10.30 on Friday night.

We started with a feature on bribes etc in football as with the BBC.

Moved on to the weather in the UK, the storms, flooding etc.

Then, coming up, the KKK

First, over to Gaza for the usual images

Then, a long feature on Gangster Rap and whether it influences its listeners to indulge in a life of criminality, drug dealing and murder. We saw various black youths rapping, obviously dressed in the correct manner, hoodies and huge jeans are de rigour. Reference was made to the extreme violence which is glorified in the lyrics, describing AK47's, disposing of bodies etc., etc.

We saw different opinions offered as to the influence of these lyrics, some saying that they did indeed influence behaviour, others nonsensing these claims. The rapper 50cents was shown and reference made to his lyrics. We were told of Elvis and the Sex Pistols and how they were considered "subversive" at the time. In the future we were told we may look back and think of gangsta rap as "quaint".

Then, unless I fell asleep for a short feature, it was time for the KKK. This was a special report and as such, the backdrop of the newsreader was completely filled with images of burning crosses and hooded Klansmen. We went over to America where a reporter had taken the trip to the headquarters of the current Klan and we saw their leader who was interviewed and advised that the Klan were not in fact a violent institution. Many other images were shown throughout this feature and reference was made to outrages which were carried out by Klan members in the past.

So, lets look at this. We are tempted by the initial mention of the Klan and a glimpse of their imagery. Then we see a feature on Gaza, all the fighting etc and gun shooting into the air etc. Then, gangster rap. Your author has a liking for this type of music, he is not an avid listener but has his moments. He does see that perhaps, in an already fragile mind, it may have some influence.

But what about the images of the KKK. Would they not disturb ones mind more? Is not true that images and words have a far greater impact on the mind than simply words and music. I would also say that often, Gangsta Rap draws on its backing music by way of sampling "love songs" and ballads. This gives a curious appeal to the music in newspacemans mind.

Are humans not "naturally" "racist" in that they have an inbuilt fear and therefore aggression to anyone seen as "different". In the social structure of the rat, which is not disimilar to that of humans, we see large colonies or communities of rats being created. All of these rats will in fact be related to the orginal, founding pair of rats. Rats recognise each other by smell, any different smelling rat, and therefore stranger, found in the territory, will be set upon in a frenzy and slaughtered.

As humans we need to accept this "inbuilt" racism in order to destroy it. By hiding these deep thoughts within ourselves, in effect lying to ourselves, we do not ever face them and so cannot grow as humans. There are many things that we must accept about ourselves before we can rise above them and this is not an easy thing to do.

However, this ITN feature is nothing but a raising of these hidden emotions, deep within us. They are so deep that we do not even consider them. This is one of our problems, really, hiding away from the real truth behind our "achievements" in terms of cars and houses, clothes and phones.

Why did the BBC feature the same night contain an image where a camera zoomed in on a bracelet and tag being worn by a coloured man ? Is this coincidence ?


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