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Thursday 14 June 2007

Jesus - A message to the Christians

God sent down Jesus to tell us of the error of our ways and point humanity in the right direction.

Yet today, some "Christians" still preach hell and brimstone. Others tell you that all you must do is simply, truly believe in Jesus, and you will be saved, despite your "sins", for He said the only way to God was through him.

Jesus preached a non materialistic lifestyle, where one did to others how one wished to be treated oneself. He was however prone to fits of temper, throwing tables over in a temple for example, basically because he knew humanity was in trouble and he knew the reasons why. This made him angry, understandably.

Many of todays Christians appear affluent. They specifically dress for church and polish their shoes and expensive 4WD's which they park outside church, en masse at 11 on a Sunday. Then, they meet up later, at a fellow christians mansion, where they will quaff Cliff Richard's label wine, nibble on delicate meat sandwiches made only with the finest M&S wholemeal bread and discuss the state of todays world. On a Monday, they forget their human Christian principles and return to the corporate rat race where moral standards are despised and values forgotten.

Surely, with Jesus being such a modest man, he would not wish any of this fuss and worship over him. He came down to warn us of the error of our ways and was a messenger from his and our father, God. Then, we make a big fuss over the fact that God sent his Son down but it seems to be forgotten that he went back up to his Dad. It was only a loan and God agreed it.

What God will be raging about is that we have not bothered our behind what Jesus was actually saying. Instead, we have simply taken Jesus to worship and manipulated his words in order to suit ourselves.

This is the new Rome, we live in it.

No wonder the youth have no respect for Jesus. Do you not think they see the double standards from over the tops of their Buckfast bottles while the christians either despise them or want to save them

You better start thinking, it's your soul at stake.

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