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Wednesday 27 June 2007

BBC News Review - Tuesday 26th June

The flooding in England was again the lead story on the BBC News at 10 and as such we went "straight to sheffield" where we were again invited to view countless images of flooding, torrents of water, submerged cars, helicopter rescues, eye witness accounts etc etc. Mobile phone footage was shown, including that of a school bus, full of water with all the children screaming and panic stricken.

We were told that the floodwater comprised a "stinking carpet of mud and raw sewage". Furthermore, it is "forcing families to dry ground". Helicopter views of flooded fields and industrial areas were shown, the M1 was closed and therefore empty of traffic. We waded over to an area of Sheffield called Catcliffe, which has been very badly hit. A pub called the Plough was shown yesterday morning, with sandbags at the door, at the ready. Later in the afternoon, it was "shown" again, this time fully submerged.

Time for more helicopter views and we were told that more bad weather is to come. Then, the Whingarden estate, images of residents sweeping water from their homes and suchlike. An old man said it "was like looking at the river Amazon". Reassuringly, emergency food supplies have been transported into the area and we saw residents being offered Golden Wonder crisps. We were told that cheese butties had also been available but they all seemed to have gone. Flood victims complained of being unable to bathe or wash. This could take years to recover from we were advised.

South Yorkshire now and an interview was shown with an old man who is one a number of people who are staying at a local school after being evacuated from their homes in case Ulley dam bursts. The old man spoke of a community spirit like that of the war days. We were told of Tony Blair meeting Arnold Schwarzenegger about global warming (more later). We saw a weather expert stating that one of the main problems was that the "rain lingered".

One of the main problems here is apparently that a lot of houses are built on flood plains. Furthermore, a lady representitive from the Association of British Insurers advised that "we are looking at quite a lot of further cataclysmic events happening". She didnt specify what these events would be or when they would happen. Overall though; you better be scared, it could be your house and your belongings that are covered in mud and sewage shortly and there is nothing you can do about it. What are the insurers using for their Nostradamus like predictions - astrology and its relationship with the Mayan Calender ?

Tony Blair and Gordon Brown followed the floodwater, perhaps washed up? and Nick Robinson told us of Tony turning the lights out for the last time in Downing Street whilst Gordon would wake with the dawn light. So we understood fully what was happening, the BBC showed us another television set which was showing some written information, scrolling down. Very subtle.

A conservative MP, Quentin Davies, has jumped camp to Brown's Labour. He claims that he has often disagreed with the Conservative parties policies recently and prefers that of the Labour party. Also, Cameron is all image. The thing is though, the conservatives dont seem to have any policies and seem to agree with labour on most points anyway. This character is actually perpetuating a myth, that being there is a difference between them. There may be in small, subtle ways but not in a way that actually makes any difference to you or I.

Arnold Swartzenneger was next, meeting Tony Blair. Images of them surrounded by gangs of screaming adorable-ish children were shown. Remember the film Twins. When Arnie shed his "hard-man" image and became the jolly giant. Just like the toy store. And the protector of our Sweetcorn. And the Hulk. The Big Daddy- O Protector. He flew over to discuss the issue of climate change with Tony and no doubt they engaged in some constructive manner although whether it was climate change related remains to be seen.

We saw a clip of the Queen next, not the real Queen but an actress. It might have been Helen Mirren, I am not sure. Anyway, the scene was Tony, kneeling in front of her Majesty, who touched him with a sword on the shoulder. Never heard of the knife amnesty? Anyway, Nick told us that it will be Gordon's turn tomorrow. Tony will probably resign completely from the UK political scene which means a by-election. Tony knows his alchemy, he needs to go back to his pure base in order to be reconstructed as part of something bigger.

And on the subject of occult matters, Prince Charles next. Charles, as part of his investigations into the supernatural, is investigating biodynamic gardening which, despite sounding like a new management theory, is in fact magic in the garden, using natural methods, including the transit of the moon and other planets. Charles may well have known about the rain coming for example.
This wasnt about this though, it was about Charles taking less flights and hence reducing his carbon footprint. No mention was made of the five spare boiled eggs every morning though. In the manner of a hobbit ?

B.A.A., The Saudis, Tony Blair, George Bush and another potential scandal. It speaks for itself, we saw George chuckling when Tony was asked a question about it and that itself should tell us all we need to know. Newspaceman himself now attempts to live his life in the manner of Brown and Blair but anti-authority. Then, simply cite our leaders behaviour as justification. It is a clear breach of our human rights not to be able to lie, cheat and destroy countless lives, then live in abject wealth in a power hungry ego-fest; in reality this is a mental disorder or disease.

We saw some grinning Saudi's meeting Bush and some others meeting Maggie Thatcher back in 1985. According to urban myth, Thatcher may have been sourcing ecstacy tablets which she later unleashed on a growingly violent youth, the majority of whom were taken with the romantic life and dress of a football casual. In the manner of Soma; Orwell's chemical cosh.However, it appeared she was just over there to break the ice; certainly I didnt see any white doves, although I could'nt see all imagery on the state flags fluttering on the gas guzzling limousines.

Time for an update on Manchester City. They intend to appoint Eriksson as manager, if their potential new owner, Thanskin Shiniwatra, is allowed to go ahead with his purchase of the club.
He used to be a Prime Minister too.

Tennis next, Harry Potter lookalike, Tim Henman wins 13-11. We saw a long clip with strawberries and cream.

A big thanks to Tony next from the BBC and we got to see some classic public relations by Tony. At the start of the Iraq War, Tony agreed to be photographed by a photo-journalist, over a 30 day period. The resulting black and white images are now on display and the BBC showed us a selection, along with a running commentary by the journalist chap. We saw Tony strained, Tony anguished, Tony contemplating, Tony miserable, etc etc. We were told that Tony was "haunted by his decisions" We saw an image of Tony and George Bush staring closely in each others eyes. This was "symbolic of the closeness of their relationship"

Furthemore, many international leaders "now regret him leaving." and "he will be missed on an international stage." We saw another image of Tony playing his guitar (obviously not the ones he got yesterday) and in the background, oriental, ambient, age of aquarius guitar music was heard as the feature ended.

The most telling thing about this was that the photographer stated that in most of the photographs he took, Tony was with Alistair Campbell, his press officer. Surely only the very cynical would conclude that he was planning this, back then. When was Twins released ?


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