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Friday 15 June 2007

Hell and the Television

I have been thinking a wee bit about the concept of Hell and how it relates to our lives.

Obviously, a large number of us are under the opinion that if we "sin" we will go to hell. Some of us believe that simply repenting these sins, whether through Jesus or the Catholic Church will somehow guarantee us a place in heaven with the elite.

Dear readers, is it not a collective hell that we face? A hell where freedom is merely a concept. Perhaps we are almost there. Our society is a midden, a rat infested midden. Yet no one seems that bothered about where we are heading, they are distracted by trivialities which absorb their attention and time. No one.

Most of us, if the truth be told, use these trivialities to avoid the truth. Deep down we all know deep in our hearts that there is something well wrong and as such we try to obliterate this feeling through various concepts, shopping, golfing etc. Others may seek solace in the bottle or in drugs. This helps us to struggle through our pathetic, empty, lives and avoid the actual truth which is screaming at us from inside.

Well ladies and gentleman. I have got news for you. That little voice inside you, the one you just cant ignore, that isnt just a voice. That is the voice of God. He is telling you to start thinking and to start questioning. That is all. Just think for yourselves and learn to question. He is telling you that our society is headed for a "hell" of our own making. Thats actually what it says in the Bible all you have to do is think about it a bit differently than the way it is traditionally represented by religion.

The voice of the "devil" speaks from the television and the last battle will be won in the air.


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