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Tuesday 5 June 2007

TV News Review - Monday 4th June

Starting with the BBC News at 10 where the first feature was on the diplomatic row involving the "west" and Russia's unhappiness that the US intend to install a missile defence system in both Poland and the Czech republic to protect against any potential nuclear threat from Iran or North Korea, both of whom the Americans appear to fear.

We were told that Putin was aggressive and "growling like an old Cold War leader" and that he now might aim Russia's missiles at Europe. (No mention was made of where they point now, or how this could be verified) We saw images of Russian protestors carrying effiges of Uncle Sam etc.

We saw the German chancellor reassure us that Russia is our partner. (and, therefore, that we are Germany's?) and we were furthermore told of two reasons why it was unlikely that Russia would escalate matters into a war. The first was that we were Russia's best customers, the second was that this matter was just a case of the Soviets, "standing up for themselves"

Health next and a feature on cancer drugs. These are very expensive drugs and so the NHS has managed to agree a deal where the drug manufacturer will only be paid if the treatment is successful. Please bear in mind though that these drugs only prolong life, the are not a cure. The cost can be up to £18,000 per patient we were told but no reference was given as to whether this was an annual cost or an average cost. We saw an emotional lady who was currently receiving treatment. We were told of huge cost implications though.

The Hague next, and Liberia's president warlord, Charles Taylor who is facing war crimes including rape, torture and mutilation. The proceedings may take up to two years but we were told that it has not been a good start. Mr Taylor refused to come to the court. We saw images of rebel children soldiers and refugees etc, the usual.

A curious feature by Nick Robinson on a proposal to have a National Britain Day. This would be a day to allow us all to celebrate our "Britishness" and as such would be a holiday. Another proposal which seems to be running in conjunction alongside is that if an immigrant to the UK "gave a lot of money" or did "voluntary work", then this would entitle them to full UK citizenship on an "earned basis" quicker than a standard immigrant. In the same manner, if an immigrant was found guilty of a petty crime, this would delay his rise to the status of citizenship". This process is called "earned citizenship".

Again we were reminded of mass immigration (like Australia & France) and were told how the British are in fact a nation who prefer to understate their achievements. This was verified by means of an example - our Post Office is simply called the Post Office, not the British Post Office. Furthermore, the Government ministry who are suggesting this holiday are "not just the Ministry of anybody's". The feature closed by Nick telling us that Gordon Brown "privately wonders" - "Why did young British men blow up themselves and other citizens whilst in America, young Muslims have not done the same".

Coming up Tyrannosaurus Rex

First, our children cant play any more, they are "reared in captivity". What, in this "great" Britain ? Anyway, we we treated to an interview with two young girls, Holly and Jessica, sorry Holly and JoJo. The children were asked why they didnt play in the woods, various concerns were raised by the children, "too dark" etc till eventually one said "there might be people who would like to rape you". This was from a five year old. We saw images of children playing and were advised that even now "9% of children, risk it on their own". We were told that this all might have an effect on our children, making them less trusting, social etc.

2 children and their father die in Devon in a fire, images of children shown

Police search Peter Tobin's old house in Bathgate for clues to a missing schoolgirl, Vicky Hamilton, who vanished several years ago. Mr Tobin was recently convicted of raping and killing a Polish girl, then leaving the body under the floorboards in the catholic church where he worked. This was a major news story for several weeks in Scotland, partly due to the shennanigans of the parish priest.

Spring - warmest on record since 1945. (Newspaceman wonders if somehow the 2nd World War would have effected the weather, it was not discussed)

A fairly long feature next on the 2012 Olympic Games Logo. We saw the public interviewed, none too happy and then we saw the "trailer" for the games which appeared to show several pastel coloured missiles coming out the ground" Either missiles or slender pyramids. Who knows ?

Tomorrow (today) is the 40th anniversary of the 6 Day War. This allowed the usual war zones, victims, children etc to be shown with another update of why we should be scared now. A Israeli was interviewed, (in his library) who talked of the Messiah, The King of the World and "not man made, God made). I am unsure what he was talking about. We then saw another two interviews, a scruffy Palestinian in a desert war zone and another dapper Israeli, in a different library. We were told that this conflict "reverberates round the world" but not who fuels this reverberation.

Then as promised, Tyrannosaurus Rex, the news being that scientists now think it was slower than previously believed, with a top speed of 25 mph. We saw images of Rex from an animated reality dinosaur television science show, roaming about chasing smaller dinosaurs and then dismembering and eating them. This was "one prehistoric beast to stay clear of". Is this not blatent nonsense?

I switched to ITN where the news seems to becoming more "americanised" with short, snappy features, some differing from those selected by the BBC for coverage.

These included a long feature on the Tiananmen square massacre and another on the ITN "Falklands War 1982" specials. In the latter, the reporter has dressed in army gear and is attempting to yomp as the soldiers did in the war, with a full backpack. He demonstrated the weight of this by firstly strapping a fridge full of food to his back. Honestly. He advised us that "the first step is always the hardest" as he set off for a fifty mile yomp.

Time for Paris Hilton, she is off to do a small stretch in jail and left directly from an award ceremony. We saw Jack Nicholson and other celebrities.

Finally, the Olympics where ITN had roped in some lovely adorable young children to design a better logo.


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