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Thursday 16 July 2009

Know Thine Enemy

Back in April, I posted an article about a fire in the village of Aboyne called Sunny side up, reflecting on the 12th July, Battle of the Boyne, and the phoenix. A Christian blogger called Bjorn posted a comment, reflecting the eagle-phoenix connections with the G20, Istanbul, and Aquila earthquake whilst directing readers to his own thoughts which can be found here.

Now I would not say that I was an avid reader of his blog however I checked it from time to time, musing over his thoughts on the European Union, Obama, freemasons etc. etc., all of which seemed broadly similar to my own train of thinking. Curiously though, when I went to have an look on Sunday past I found that the author has been accused of being some sort of lucifer worshipping double agent by a hell and brimstone style "lady" called Constance Cumbey. Bjorn has obviously taken it badly judging by his blog

On Monday, 13th July, Aboyne was hit with flooding. (
BBC news report)



Michael said...

If I recall correctly, Ms. Cumbey wrote an expose about the New Age movement called Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow. I read it when I was in college, scared the sh*te out of me. Apparently she's still at it.

Cheers, Michael

Newspaceman said...

Cheers Michael. I was reading the Springmeiers link in my next post, and she turns up in his work too.