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Thursday 23 July 2009

Doctors Who ?

I have been on a bit of a gallop over the last month and, casting my mind back, it all started with the electrocution by lightning of the 16 bullocks at Saltoun House Farm, East Lothian. Since then we have touched on a good few topics, all interconnected to warnings regarding the up and coming Prince William ( phoenix, sun god, antichrist, new world order king, Templar's Baphomet, call him what you Will).

Remarkably (hedge your bets and back me), it seems that just around the time on Tuesday evening that I finished my
Horse whiskerer post - which related to a horse being attacked by a suspected mountain cat - yet another strike hit East Lothian; as we read from the Edinburgh Evening News under the headline: Neighbours feared bomb as lightning bolt struck house:

NEIGHBOURS have told how they feared a bomb had gone off when a freak bolt of lightning tore into the side of a house in East Lothian, shattering the chimney, leaving a hole in the roof and even exploding a fireplace.

The young family who live in the home in Whinny View, Aberlady, were said to have been left shaken but unharmed by the strike during the severe thunder storm on Tuesday evening.

Apparently, 3 fire engines arrived, we read more from an eye witness account:

"One of them (firemen) told me he'd never seen anything like that kind of structural damage on a building from lightning. They were even taking pictures on their mobile phones, it was so unusual."

The residents, both understood to be doctors, were too shaken to speak about their ordeal.

Trotting along further, then what jumps out first is the address, Whinney View. Whinney, if we drop the e, being one of the characteristic noises a horse makes. We will skip on centaurs, Chiron, galactic centre and 2012 for the moment. The explosion in the fireplace resonates the phoenix, the mythological bird which reincarnates itself through the vehicle of intense fire. The yet unnamed doctors, well the established medical profession anyway, like bankers, have direct links back to the Templars as we note from their own

Many Knights Templars joined the Order of the Knights Hospitallers, an Order dedicated to healing and caring for the sick, the founding fathers of the Hospital. Other Knights Templars formed a new type of Order and became absorbed into Freemasonry.

The history of triple golf haven Aberlady is also notable, as we glean from

Aberlady had strong links with the monasteries at
Iona and Lindisfarne from the 7th century, and its role was to facilitate the pilgrim traffic between the two sites. Previous archaeological excavations have shown traces of a Culdee chapel, and Pope Gregory X made reference to the church which he called "Aberlefdi".

Tto close, we canter back to Chiron, the half man half horse of Greek (and perhaps before) mythology. Whilst most centaurs were renowned for drunkenness, fighting and womanising this one was different, decent, kind and, from
wiki: He was known for his knowledge and skill with medicine....Ironically, Chiron, the master of the healing arts, could not heal himself, so he willingly gave up his immortality. He was honoured with a place in the sky, for the Greeks as the constellation Sagittarius, and in modern times represented by the constellation of the southern hemisphere, Centaurus.



Anonymous said...

The Tribe of Dan emblems/totem animals:
(refer to comment on Robert Graves)
(1st sentence refers to 'hand' ????)
Further, to dactyls

Anonymous said...

culdees + our lady of aber = well, lets just say it aint jesus

aberdeen suggests aber + dan

whinny (the mare, so water indicated) as feminine couples with william as masculine -- same prefix locution, wh like wheat

the beaker twins! lol


Anonymous said...

But the logo for the medical Co. shows Chiron with the hermetical caduceus (herm and twin snakes). Thus, who knows the secrets (and has the key) of the......!

Newspaceman said...

Hiya anon, nice numbers from your first link, Dan is a lions whelp, Dueteronomy 33:22 and great info. thanks.

Second one, thanks again, I remeber Graves from an earlier tip you provided.

Third, re triple ploughing, as a gardener I always double dig, but that means two spades depth down. Maybe better avoid going three. You know the properties of "quarry dust" in relation to vegetable growing:

Ray, thanks too,also appreciated.

cheers, brian

Anonymous said...

ploughing...gardener....allegory ??

Yes, had noticed that 'dust' article previously (elsewhere).