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Thursday, 9 April 2009

Sunny side up

Matters seem to be on a bit of a roll at the moment, maybe because it is Easter, the time of eggs amongst other things.

The following story again links in extremely well with the context of recent posts, as we read from the BBC,
Investigation into serious blaze, of how fire devastated Strachan's grocery store in Aboyne, North East Scotland, yesterday afternoon.

Whilst our monarchy have strong connections with the area, and in fact the grocers shop holds a warrant, it is interesting to ponder the above photographs, the first showing the remnants of the shop logo, Royal Deeside, the second shows the adjacent Indian restaurant, the Royal Kashmir.

What is also worth highlighting is the village name, Aboyne, which brings to mind the Battle of the Boyne, seemingly fought in 1690 between Catholic King James and King William of Orange, although there are some, Michael Tsarion for example, who would argue that a battle never took place and that it was all part of an occult ritual concerning the ongoing enslavement of humanity.



aferrismoon said...

deeside is in North wales and brings in John dee , another Welshian.

Noticed bodies found in E.Ayrshire near the River Lugar and Templands Viaduct.

'Burns' again


björn (farmer) said...

thanks spaceman!
see eagle-phoenix connection on G20-to Praga, Istanbul and aquila earthquake on my blog:)

Newspaceman said...

Afm, I thought of Dee, thanks for the other info, I am overwhelmed at the moment.

Bjorn, I had a look - it is excellent - I shall keep looking and comment further.

thanks very much indeed.