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Sunday 5 July 2009

He who pays the piper calls the tune

This is an interesting story of which recent posts refer to, although I confess my own conclusions are perhaps the result of an over active imagination.

We read from the BBC today under the headline,
Coastguard laments hoax SOS calls, of how a large rescue operation was launched in the Yell Sound area of the Shetland Isles after a child's voice was heard calling for assistance on the radio distress channel - number 16 - at 3.00pm on Scot's freemason founded New-America's Independence Day (lol), the 4th July. Apparently the female voice was heard crying:

"mayday, mayday, we need assistance"

A helicopter, rescue ships and other craft searched the area for two hours but found nothing.

When we look up the island of Yell on wikipedia, we note that there are "various possible derivations of the island's name", perhaps Pictish, although what jumps out is the, as pictured above yogh (a now redundant letter) , this seemingly mistranslated to both Zell and Yell in "early modern times". The image depicts lower and upper case.

We note too, the legends, and evidence, of giants which pervade the area:

"Yell has been inhabited since the Neolithic times. A petrosomatoglyph or stone footprint at North Yell, up Hena, 12 in by 4 in, (30 cm by 10 cm)is known locally as the 'Wartie' and was used to wash in dew or rain-water and standing in it was supposed to get rid of warts. In legend it was made by a giant placing one foot here and the other on the Westing of Unst.

At Breckon it is said that when an eroding grave was excavated, a number of human skeletons were uncovered, one of which was not only at least seven foot tall, but had small stumpy "horns" above the temples. Whether this man was a mutant or this is a tall story is unclear.


I have used the image of Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt promoted, Kenneth Grahame's (Grey-ham) "children's" book, Wind in the Willows, really due to all the animal links that have been thrown up recently (along with the willows tying in with Willowbrae as noted in the Paisley Pattern) and because of the Pan depicted cover. It should be noted that Grahame, who found the human world a pretty horrific place, was born in Edinburgh, although moved to Cookham in England, after which he was the target of a botched assassination attempt at the Bank of England - he worked in a high position as secretary - being shot at three times. He retired to Pangbourne and died there on 6/7, which ties in extremely well with the thoughts noted in my James Shelby Downard inspired, a kwick fit up; an ongoing hoodwink, where I noted the train crash last Saturday at Beale Railway, also Pangbourne. Worth considering too is that wikipedia notes that Graeme spent his childhood holidays in Ardrishaig and may have been inspired by the Crinan canal. This is very close to the Ben Arthur tornado plane crash.


Kenneth Grahame - Lost in the wild wood -Notes the assassination attempt on 24/11 including a black and white scroll.

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