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Friday 17 July 2009

What's he got in his sporranses ?

We wired into Glasgow airport bomb hero and Queen's Gallantry medal holder, John "Smeato" Smeaton, age still 33, last year, mainly, although not exclusively, in my post Regal King Size et cetera, where we noted the 3.11pm terrorist attack time and the fact that Smeato was initially more interested in finishing his (regal king size) cigarette rather than "having a go" at the Paisley based terrorists, whilst additionally speculating that his resulting global fame could be linked to a freemasonic membership.

Today, Mr. Smeaton got married to American chick, Christy MacPhedran, at Balgonie Castle, Markinch, Fife. We note from the
BBC report that the groom was immaculate in the Ancient McNeill of Barra Highland dress.

Amazingly, maybe synchronistically, it was a Mr. MacNeill, who lamented on the scotch egg quaffing picnicker at Culloden in my very recent Hobbit inspired, regal king size pictured, post:
A box without hinges, key, or lid.

Notwithstanding that, from wikipedia, re Clan MacNeil, we read that "The clan itself takes its name from a Niall who lived in the 13th or early 14th century, and who belonged the same dynastic family of Cowal and Knapdale as the ancestors of the Lamonts, MacEwens of Otter, Maclachlans, and the MacSweens."

Cowal being derived from the peninsula in Argyll and Bute which includes Arrochar, and indeed Ben Arthur - The Cobbler, where the military aircraft crashed very recently. (
see here)


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