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Friday 24 July 2009

Top Kat

It appears that my last two posts have been spot on in terms of allegorical phoenixes, mountains, lion kings, 2012 and whispered secrets as we read, hot, from yahoo news under the headline, Prince William Hikes with the Homeless, of the future world king's forthcoming charitable endeavor.

He will join forces with four homeless people from Durham and Sunderland to hike to the top of a mountain, where they will plant a flag to celebrate "three years to go till the London 2012 Olypmics".

"The location of the hike has been kept a secret"

The ritual coincides with the world's largest clan gathering and Highland Games which takes place this weekend at Edinburgh's Holyrood Park (that's the one in the shadow of Arthur's Seat), Royal Mile and Edinburgh Castle. Prince Charles is patron of "The Gathering 2009" as the event is called and hosts some sort of shindig today, in preparation. (
Gathering clans are coming home) .

You also need to read my May post, Arthur's treat, re the spellbinding location of the latter event.

Another coincidence is that on 24th July 1567, Mary, Queens of Scots son - James Charles Stuart (the chap who authorised his own version of the Bible) was crowned James 6th King of Scotland at the tender age of 13 months. On 25th July 1603, 36 years later, he became King of England and Ireland too. We will skip on 36 being 6 x 6 for now.


Note: since writing this earlier it has transpired that William climbed the third highest mountain in England, called Helvellyn, close to pyramid-like (all-seeing?) Catstye Cam (see map & snap above). BBC report here.

Note too the ironic humour involved in the homeless angle; given ancient history


aferrismoon said...

May have missed it in one of your posts but have you mentioned the film ' Highlander: The Gathering' ?

Also the law in Top cat was Officer Dibble which may be a corruption of 'divil' = devil

'O Limp Pick
Thats u Lun Din
A new willed ordure
retrieved fi' bin'

apologies to Magonagal


Newspaceman said...

Cheers aferrismoon, I was trying to get aan angle on dibble myself. It was common football casual slang up here for a while - here's dibble.

Highlander, I used a snap in one of my posts last month, where he stands on the mountain top with the lightning.

Might use again in my next post.

Great poetry !