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Thursday, 16 July 2009

Do as thou Wills

From Fritz Springmeier's - The Black Nobility:

The 13th bloodline has kept its genealogies very secret. I would welcome more input from informed persons about this bloodline. The tribe of Dan was prophesied to be the black sheep of the nation of Israel which would bite the other tribes of Israel. The tribe of Dan had the snake and the eagle as its two logos. The tribe of Dan left its calling card all over Europe as it migrated west in the names of many places.

From the BBC today,
Chicago's Sears Tower to be renamed:

The Sears Tower in Chicago - one of the most famous skyscrapers in the world - is being renamed.

The 110-storey structure, which opened in 1973, is being rechristened the Willis Tower on Thursday.

From wiki re Illinois, where the "Hog butcher for the World" - Chicago is located


Note, although the BBC report states 110 storey's, wiki says 108:

It could have been otherwise, but it so happens that the distance between the earth and the sun equals about 108 (actually 107-odd) times the sun?s diameter. Likewise, it so happens that the distance between the earth and the moon equals about 108 (actually 109-odd) times the moon?s diameter. That sun and moon look equally big in the earthly sky is the immediate result of their having the same ratio between distance and diameter. Moreover, it so happens that the sun?s diameter approximately equals 108 times the earth?s diameter.


Anonymous said...

spot on! do as thou Willis the whole of the law

dan is indeed represented here, poison comes in many forms

great tie-in catch w/ illinois flag and seal

my last post (july 5) mentioned Sears Point (seer's point) near Vallejo, where Bill Graham's helicopter crashed into hi-power lines coming from a concert near Mt. Diablo, heading to Marin County/Mt. Tamalpais (tracing the red line)

the Sears Tower is the tallest US building (chicago-based robinson/obie ascendance)

the building's got the whole kaaba-monolith sheen goin on.... tres black madonna-y

bake on!!


Newspaceman said...

Thanks Ray, I read your post before but have little idea of America, so it did not sink in.

Will keep baking.


Anonymous said...

Nice.. Until now we had William (Will I Am). Now we have the confirmation (Will Is)

Newspaceman said...

Thanks anon, cheers