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Wednesday, 19 September 2007

TV News Review - Tuesday 18th September

I missed the first five minutes or so of the BBC News at 10 yesterday evening, however our host was Huw Edwards and the first feature human migration to the UK. It appears that there are a mass of individuals in refugee camps in France all of whom intend sneaking in to the UK to grab our houses and jobs or perhaps indulge in criminality.

We heard of a "humanitarian/immigration balance" and "1300 attempts prevented in July" before we went to reporter Daniel Sangford for his comments. Daniel told of a "gathering of illegal immigrants at French ports" and the subsequent fears of our government authorities over illicit entry. To sum up though, we were advised that this situation has been ongoing for several year and so as to why it now makes headline news is anyones guess. Perhaps.

Foot and Mouth disease followed, a fresh outbreak in Egham, Surrey resulting in the culling of cattle, sheep and pigs. Images of the exclusion zone were shown. Newspaceman has wondered that if a deadly human virus was to somehow invade our country, would our government treat the situation in the same way. Isolating villages and culling the infected human inhabitants after testing for the virus. Any undesirable humans who happened to be clear could simply be marked as "inconclusive", this itself merits slaughter - on animal farms anyway.

Our police followed, criticism that they are taking unnecessary risks when involved in high speed car "chases". Images of a windscreen mounted video camera installed in a fast moving vehicle were shown to illustrate this feature. We heard of varying rules in different police forces and that a fresh set of mandatory instructions should be drawn up and adhered to.

Higher education followed, it appears that the United Kingdom is beginning to lag behind other countries in terms of standards. We heard that "British education is still strong" however we are "falling behind the rest of the world". A clip of Prime Minister Gordon Brown was shown wheere he spoke of plans to tempt school leavers into further education and thus increase the quota of graduates in the furture. It appears that our children's expectations are "staggeringly low" and we heard from a couple of them to verify this fact. They explained that "uni takes so long" and that they would rather "get rich quick", in terms of money. We saw some lovely little toddler infants at nursery to close.

Coming up - football, Liverpool in Portugal.

First though, three more American soldiers have been killed in Iraq. It seems that blame is being apportioned on jihad recruits from Jordan. As such, we went to Jordan's capital, "a fertile recruiting ground for al-Quaeda" before a interview with a hooded individual was shown. He spoke in very fast Jordanese however a translator had been provided so we could hear of "infadels" and being "met with roses", the latter in heaven. Mention was made of killed hostage Ken Bigley before images of satellite TV dishes were displayed as we heard of "bloody pictures straight to homes".

We saw a taster of the messy snaps, Iraq infants, with terrible injuries and it seems that these images radicalise young muslims. One was interviewed, Abdullah, only a young teenager, he spoke of "so much hate - I want to kill them". To close we saw worship in a mosque.

British soldier killed, another badly injured in Southern Afghanistan.

A body count for the Phucket plane crash, again we were treated to images of the aftermath and wreckage.

Our Prime Minister Gordon Brown has spoken of improving healthcare by improving access to doctors outside normal working hours. It appears that the Government appointed Sir Ara Darzi to prepare a report on the state of the NHS and that this has now been completed although the results are not yet public. Nick Robinson, political editor, told how SAD worked two days as a "top surgeon", the "other four days" were spent carrying out the review.

Images of keyhole surgery being performed were shown before we saw Gordon debating with a delegation of doctors. Talk was of "electronic prescriptions", "walk in centres", "NHS direct" and "confusion in the system". We heard that Sir Darzi's report findings were presented to the Cabinet today however another top doctor made his feeling clear as he told how he was being "spun against", by the government one assumes.

To close was football; not a good night for British clubs.

Just for the record, ITN news is currently running a special report on the conditions in Zimbabwe, complete with images of famine and talk of crocodiles and bandits. I shall try to cover one episode in some depth this week, it is very similar to a special from May or early June.


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