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Friday, 21 September 2007

BBC TV News Review - Thursday September 20th

Fiona Bruce returned to pole position at the BBC News at 10 yesterday; again the leading feature was that of economic crisis as we heard that Mervyn King, the Bank of England governer, defended his strategy in respect of the Northern Rock "crisis".

We went to reporter Hugh Pym who told how Mervyn had entered "into the lions den"; this being a grilling from a panel of Members of Parliament who fired questions Alan Sugar Apprentice style at Mr King, while he attempted to explain his actions. The problem seems to be that the BoE were aware of the ongoing NR problem as far back as 14th August and yet appeared to do nothing about it. An MP described this as a runaway train destined to hit the buffers, Mervyn agreed, but told how he thought the train might have stopped in time, of its own accord, if market conditions had altered. Unfortunately, they did not.

Furthermore, Mervyn told how, if legal legislation had allowed, he would simply have slipped the economy the ten billion pounds "covertly", and the public would have been none the wiser. Makes you wonder. The BBC supplied a timetable of events, flashing back to reruns of the news from last week, queues snaking down streets outside Northern Rock branches. Robert Peston, the BBC political editor was interviewed, he told how "a lot of people think that if the money (£10b) was put in earlier, it would have been okay" and, additionally, that he could not use the language he had heard from critics of King - "even after the watershed". And surely not in front of Fiona Bruce ?

We moved over to Africa - "the worst flooding in living memory", 1.5 million people are affected. Travelling by 4WD and then African Navy speedboat, we arrived at a "cut off community" in Ghana where native villagers told how they had lost their crops and were "living by magic". Unfortunately, no further details of this were supplied, which was a shame, it would have been the most interesting thing on the news. Anyhow, we continued and saw some waterlogged and ruined maize before closing by showing Africans crowded in a boat, rowing somewhere. Going back to their Roots ?

Blue Peter, the BBC childrens TV show, has come in for more criticism after it was revealed that the results of an online poll, to give the new show cat a name, were alterered, viewers wanted the feline to be called Cookie however staff opted for Socks and overruled the childrens decision. Animal Magic perhaps ? BBC radio 6 also revealed that they had created bogus competition winners, their head of programmes has resigned.

Supermarkets are at it as well, it appears that the major players along with some suppliers have colluded to fix the prices on milk, butter and cheese, in effect, costing the consumer more. We heard more of the profiteering before images of a dairy farm and cows were shown although it seems that the farmers received no extra monies.

Chelsea football club have parted company with their manager Jose Mourinho after a "relationship break down with owner Roman Abramovich, a Russian career criminal. The BBC zoomed in on an arial map of London eventually reaching Stamford Bridge where we saw some supporters emotionally displaying their sense of loss and loyalty before images of the club winning a European trophy were displayed. It appears Mourinho was a loose cannon, are we not all classed similar nowadays; if we don't conform?

Coming up - Race rows in America

First, talk was of a possible Israeli air strike on a Syrian "nuclear facility"; we went to the border of these countries to see a "large scale military exercise" and heard of "some talk of war". The methodology of the air strike was explained - "the planes flew over our allies Turkey" before we heard that the official Israeli line was "diplomacy". However, it was reassuringly explained that Syria is a "problematic country." To close we saw dozens of Israeli military vehicles in the desert.

2 more British soldiers killed in Afghanistan. Again, the Mercian regiment

The Liberal Democrat party next and it was time for Ming Campbell to give his speech "to silence the mutterings. Ming told how he will turn his age into an asset, speaking of maturity and experience, denouncing Iraq, defending civil liberties and deriding personal debt before knocking nuclear power. The Emperor received a standing ovation, reporter Nick Robinson told this was "because of his judgement". Ming and his missus looked well chuffed.

It was time for the American race row, "tens of thousands" of "black Americans" have travelled to a backwater town called Jena to protest against the conviction against six coloured youths, in "scenes reminiscent of 1950/60's civil rights". Protestors told of a "high school fight" which has blown up into a full scale political row. It seems all the local shops have closed, we saw black people shouting and marching before images of a KKK member were displayed. Some locals were interviewed, they seemed to just wish it would all go away.

Short sport feature to close.


More Animal Farm - Supermarket scale.
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