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Tuesday, 11 September 2007

TV News Review - Monday 10th September

I watched the BBC News at 10pm last night, hosted by Huw Edwards; confessions are due here, I missed the first ten minutes or so, not too sure exactly however ITN at half ten had a long feature on the Iraq war and American troops, so hopefully that will make up for it.

As I tuned in it was the McCann family being discussed, all the evidence collected so far is being sent to the Portuguese prosecutor who will do one of three things; decide there is not enough, decide there is no case to answer, or change the status of the parents and press charges against them. Consideration was given as to what would happen to the twins but no real information was supplied.

We were advised that DNA testing was still ongoing and a specialist in this field, Dr Court, told how it was possible DNA could still be detected after several weeks and how minute DNA samples could be "grown" in a laboratory to provide a larger sample of genetic material for scientists to work from. Our reporter, Daniel Sandford referred to this as "split the famous double helix in two." Reference was made to Madeleine's cuddle-cat to close.

Coming up - Israeli Neo Nazis - images of swastikas etc shown.

First though was the Trade Union Congress and Gordon Brown; basically the unions are looking for a large pay rise for most members, however Gordon is "not taking the easy option" because "pay discipline is essential" in todays economy. So is a fair, living wage, however that seems to have been forgotten. We saw a top union man, Brendan Barber, speaking, he told how this was unacceptable.

It seems that already a ballot for strike action has been called by Job Centre and Benefit Agency staff, additionally, police officers may also strike. Gordon reappeared, stating that "there will be a British job on offer for every British worker." Nick potentially reptilian Robinson, the BBC political activist reporter, told how this may all be the "annual conference ritual dance", in other words, a lot of rhetoric and not much action.

Faith schools followed, these are schools which show a strong religious bias, examples given were Christian and Muslim. We heard reference to the Oldham race riots of 2001 and images of the social unrest were shown. At this time, faith schools were partially blamed, however it appears that our government now want to work with them. A seemingly pointless feature unless one considers the - coming up, Jewish Nazis ?

Ex Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sarif yesterday returned to his homeland from the UK, apparently in an attempt to restore democracy after 7 years exile. We saw him arriving at the airport, "dozens of police" waiting, including "sharpshooters", positioned on rooftops. Mr Sharif was immediately deported to Saudi, the alternative being to face corruption charges. To close, we saw images of social unrest and rioting.

Time for the Nazis and we were warned of disturbing images. Skrewdriver type music played as we watched a home made video of immigrants being assaulted by skinheads; 8 have now been arrested. More imagery was shown, swastikas painted on war graves as we heard of "Neo nazis of Jewish descent, here, now, in the Jewish state." That was about it, 8 guys have taken it upon themselves to be "nazis" and have recorded themselves battering defenceless victims, en masse, then dubbed over it with some "far right" music. Why is this worthy of a feature unless you are attempting to create the same type of senario, perhaps over here ?

That was it for BBC, I turned to ITN where the lead story was that of General Petraeus, the Commander of American forces in Iraq. It seems that Gen. P. has advised that the surge of troops has resulted in "military objectives being met" and that his report "may change the course of the war." We heard of a "lion's den", a "farsical shambles" and a heckler or two.

We then saw the General delivering his speech and some protestors were shown, being dragged out. Reference was made to Sunni fighters against al-Quaeda and a coffin was shown, draped in the Stars and Stripes, another victim, number 3763.

We turned our attention to American service families and travelled to Shoemaker High - a school close to a military base I assume - in Texas, where the pupils apparently "bleed, red white and blue". We saw a football game, "few parents in the stands" most away at war. Fort Hood was next, whre "a corner of Baghdad, in Texas" has been constructed, "to remind American soldiers what they are going back to." Iraqis have actually been drafted in to this military training camp to make it more realistic, or so we were told, it might have been a lot of cobblers.

A soldier was interviewed, due to return to service shortly, he spoke of his family, 2 kids and a wife and spending more time with them. We heard that young people here "are living in the shadow of Iraq." A young lady, Tequila Beasly, was interviewed, she misses her parents and then we were treated to Heath Pyrtle, a war widow, who now provides grief counselling for similar individuals. Heath indicated a large box of tissues and told how it was okay to cry. It appears that "shared sacrifice and resolve is what unites the people" here, anyway. No mention was made of any contagious collective mental disorder or disease that they are obviously suffering from.

Back to Washington though, in an apparent effort by ITN to infect us with similar as we heard again how the surge has been a success in military standards, if not political. It appears that Mr Petraeus has done Mr Bush a huge favour here in terms of public opinion. What does this type of reporting suggest overall - that it is noble to die for your country at war and that most Americans accept this. That is what I took from it.

Believe it or not, the next feature was on a British soldier, killed at war, his parents told how he was proud to be in the Army and they were proud of him.

McCanns followed, DNA etc., etc.

Next, a fifteen year old girl is missing in Hampshire. Her parents were shown, pleading for her to return home, and, uncannily, they spoke of having a family of five but now only four remained.

Michael Barrymore, the cheeky camp comic, will not be charged over the death of the man found in his swimming pool after fisting the night away.

Brown and the TUC to close.


Red White and Blue - Blood brothers ?

Note the 4 3 4 layout


aferrismoon said...

434 = DLTh , the letter/number D/4, it means a door
There are 434 characters in the 1st book of Genesis [ torah version], just finished 'getting off' on that , and then with the old Stargate biz, its kinda synchy.
Its Tarot attribution by Sepher Yetsira = The Blasted Tower
Earlt doors as the Magus Big Ron would say. I guess its early doors for the Depleted Uranium affected soldiers doing their bit fo George
I have never bought a house

Newspaceman said...

Hiya afferismoon, thank you again, much appreciated, I am learning slowly.

I bought a house once but when I left the subsidised mortgage job, I couldnt afford it, so it was repossessed eventually.

It was pretty heavy at the time. What destroys you is the piles of bills/debt collecting letters each morning. It gets to the stage you cant even open them. I had two jobs for a bit but you cannot have a life like that.

ball and chain - get them young.