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Monday, 17 September 2007

BBC TV News Review - Sunday 16th September

It was Emily Maykiss (phonetic) hosting the BBC late afternoon news yesterday, where we commenced with the aeroplane crash in Phuket, Thailand; 87 dead, of which some were British although this had not, as yet, been confirmed.

We travelled to Bankok to hear from reporter Andrew Harding who told of terrible weather conditions. Numerous images of the aftermath of the crash were shown, the plane mangled on the runway, casualties and rescuers in abundance. We heard from an Irish victim, lucky to be alive, he told how he looked in vain for his friend, however discovered him outside the plane when he, himself, made an exit.

The Northern Rock bank followed, again we heard of the "run" on savings late last week, and were told that this could amount to approximately two billion pounds so far although this could increase dramatically once withdrawals from postal based accounts are processed. One can imagine (with the benefit of first hand financial service experience) that customers who attempt to withdraw funds by letter, will first receive a telephone call from the "manager" who will try to persuade customers that this is not necessary. We see this in the images of the queues of investors, besuited individuals tackling pensioners and suchlike, convincing them that all is well.
You would not believe some of the commission rates on products you are sold, of that you can have my assurance.

The helicopter crash in Lanark, Scotland, as reported yesterday and it has now been confirmed that the pilot was Colin McRae, the rally driver along with a friend, his young son and his young friend. Accident investigators are still attempting to establish the cause although we heard of "possible rough engine noise" and mechanical failure.

Richard (good guy/white knight) Branson has donated £100,000 to the family of Madeleine McCann to establish a new fund to finance their legal bills in the ongoing investigation into their conduct in the disappearance of their daughter. Furthermore, it was again reported that the parents are to spend £80,000 from the Maddie fund on a Europe wide advertising campaign. We heard from "high profile" supporters of the McCann's and "the best legal and media advisers in the country". She has now been missing for 136 days. What baffles me is that individuals claim the McCanns must be innocent because they are the McCanns. I am not saying they are guilty but how can anyone be so convinced of their innocence without actually knowing the truth. For a bit more on Branson, please see here

A march was held in London of Sudanese refugees protesting about the ongoing conflict in Darfur. We have seen a number of features on the problems that the country faces recently. Next stop on the global domination tour ?

The Liberal Democrats followed in almost an exact rerun of yesterdays feature. Again we heard of Menzies (Ming) Campbell's groundbreaking climate change policies (full details to be announced) and again we heard of internal party doubts over his leadership qualities.

To close, sport. Motor racing first, McLaren, driver Lewis (meaning - son of a mason) Hamilton and Ferrari, followed by football.


McCanns - Escaping a pickle ?


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