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Tuesday, 18 September 2007

BBC TV News Review - Monday 17th September

I opted for an earlier news programme yesterday, the BBC evening news at 6pm, hosted by both Natasha Platinski and a coloured gentleman, I did not quite catch his name. The format is slightly more relaxed than the later 10pm edition, the pair of presenters exchange knowing glances and smiles as they read the news, almost in the manner of an intimate couple. One images that this is the intention, given the hour of the day with viewers returning home from employment, perhaps talking to each other for the first time whilst anxiously eating dinner over the news.

The content of the actual programme is obviously still more or less the same and as such we kicked off with the run on the Northern Rock bank. It struck me yesterday, that metaphorically, you could not really have a better comparison in that of climate change. The Rock in the North is in financial meltdown due to heat in the markets, the Artic glacier rock is melting due to the warming climate (and whatever really causes that change).

Anyhow, we were told that our Government has "stepped in and guaranteed savings" to depositors with the NR and that hopefully this will alleviate the customer's concerns. Nevertheless, we again saw images of huge queues which had formed yesterday and heard of fall in share price. Mention was made of a single customer withdrawing three quarters of a million pounds before we saw a lady who intended to keep her money under her mattress once she eventually withdrew it. A shareholder was interviewed, Roger Lawson, he had lost £10,000 in the last few days.

Alistair Darling, our Government Chancellor, was shown, making the aformentioned statement in which he guaranteed savers funds and then we travelled to a call centre to see some modern day slavery, humans shackled to their desks by means of a telephone headset and a computer which records their activities. Again reasons were offered as to how this latest crisis had occured, the "credit crunch" receiving most blame, however we heard of fears of "contagion" - "fear over one bank spreads to another".

An economist of some description spoke of a "financial tsumani" and again we saw long queues of customers, live from Kingston branch in London where in fact the police had been called to establish some sort of order. It was over to slippery political reporter, Nick Robinson, who stood outside the doors of number 11 Downing Street, home of the Chancellor, and told how the "Government, Bank of England and Financial Services Authority" are "not in control of events".

Number 11, a pair of towers ?

Thankfully we moved on although the subject was even less palatable, the plane crash in Thailand. Images of rescuers and the crash aftermath were shown along with a amateur video of the "fireball that followed". The BBC graphic department had created a simulated reconstruction in which a plane came of a runway and burst into flames, most enlightening. Interviews with survivors in their hospital beds were next before we went to reporter Andrew Harding in Phucket, he told of a Welsh couple, the man missing, the woman badly injured before mention of possible acts of heroism by a British man.

A large counterfeight "drugs bust" followed; the actual bust was nine months or so ago, however the culprits had only just attended court . Huge bags of viagra were displayed and mention was made of fake "baldness cures". It appears that the product was produced in India, China and Pakistan then imported here for retail in smaller quantities. The three men concerned, who have been found guilty, will be sentenced next month.

A couple and their seven children were involved in an accident when their Landrover swerved off the road. The youngest child tragically died.

A head on crash on the M4; Apparently police were pursuing a Ford Mondeo containing 4 youths which then, in an attempt to evade capture, travelled the wrong way up a motorway and was then involved in a head on collision with a Volvo. Some local young girls were interviewed and told how it was "sad".

Coming up - Colin McRae - car rally driver

First though, Microsoft has lost it's appeal against a £343 million fine imposed by the European Commission in a dispute over competition. We were advised that "we live in a windows world" and were treated to images of the Vista launch complete with multi coloured absailers, almost like a free advert.

Football, England's ladies team won and are through to the finals in China. Images of the game were shown, incluing ladies celebrating in the manner of footballers.

Celebrities followed, Helen Mirren and Ricky Gervais have won honours at the Emmys. Images of the event and celebrities were shown.

Liberal Democrats Conference, starring Menzies, call me Ming, Campbell was the next cutting edge story, we heard of their proposals to negate climate change - extra tax on cars etc. We saw Ming in an Eco house and talk was of green mortgages. Northern Hill anyone? Again talk was of Mr Campbell's leadership qualities, is he dynamic enough ? Charles Kennedy gave his opinion on it and, to be quite honest, Charles is, to quote a Scottish saying, ill with the drink, his skin colour and eyes tell all.

To close, as promised, the tragic death of rally driver Colin McRae, his son and two friends in a helicopter crash on Sunday. There have been several similar crashes in the last few years in the same type of vehicle. Images of the crash site and wreckage were shown although no graphic reconstruction.


Ming the Merciless - note missing capstone in photo below

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