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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Snakes alive !

Overnight, floods and heavy winds cause chaos in Cornwall, centred on the "St. Blazey, St. Austell and Lostwithiel communities". Main roads have been closed, landslides have stopped train services in and out of Cornwall, whilst schools too are dysfunctional.

Therefore, geographically - given it's central location to the above - also badly hit was the Eden Project, with 3 feet of floodwater in places forcing closure for at least a week, Eden(link from wiki as are "Eve" grass sculpture and landscape images; flood from BBC): located 2 kilometres (1.25 mi) from the town of St Blazey and 5 kilometres (3 mi) from the larger town of St Austell, Cornwall." .

I will leave the rest to your, hopefully fertile, imagination; given yesterday's Royal Wedding announcement and the ongoing theme proffered here.


BBC report.


aferrismoon said...

A Dam [ landslide] in the Eve-ning.

Corn Wall = the Horn of Wales, when there was the Breton, Cornwall, Wales, Cumberland , Glasgow Celtic corridor [ maybe]

The Horn of Wales coincides with the Horned Wills photo.

Aus-tell = Oz-tell

FRom St.Austell at Wiki -


St Austell has a very large Masonic presence. The Masonic Hall in South Street is home to four Craft Lodges: Peace & Harmony Lodge No. 496 which was formed on 23 March 1844, and its three daughter Lodges established over the years: Tewington Lodge No. 5698, consecrated in March 1938; Carlyon Lodge No. 7392, consecrated in November 1955 and St Denys Lodge No. 8250, which was consecrated in January 1969.[11]

Other Masonic bodies meeting in St Austell are: Mount Edgcumbe Royal Arch Chapter No. 496, formed in 1874; Tewington Royal Arch Chapter No. 5698, formed on 11 November 1987; St Austell Mark Master Masons Lodge No. 275, consecrated on 22 February 1881; St Austell Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners No. 275, formed on 22 September 1962 and the St Austell Rose Croix Chapter No. 744, consecrated on 16 October 1973.[12]"


Anonymous said...

the name came from a translation of Lost (a tail) and Withiel (a lion), the lion in question being the lord who lived in the castle. wiki

There are roads in Luxulyan named after all three saints. Sulien is a Welsh variant of the given name "Julian," but has also been interpreted as being derived from the Welsh sul, meaning "sun" + geni, meaning "born," Sulien being the name of a Celtic solar deity.[4] Wiki

And let us not overlook Bodmin moor.


Newspaceman said...

Thanks to you both, have added another image and updated post slightly. Info highly appreciated.

Nice dates for formation of the lodges aferrismoon.

The Beast of Bodmin, good one Z


Anonymous said...

Has anyone commented on how the Diana/Kate ring looks a bit like a lunar eclipse?

Anonymous said...

Kate was born on the day of a lunar eclipZ.