Documenting from Scotland the rise of the One World King; the "masonic" Sun God.

Sunday, 14 November 2010


Top image, Mark Morrison, return of the Mack, released 18/03/96. Some say that the depiction of looking through a keyhole/spying, when combined with the handcuffs, would indicate some form of control being applied to the artist.(relevantly, Pseudo Occult Media)

Next up is from last week, 11/11, when "Muslim fanatics" - obviously in the grip of something - held a demonstration including poppy burning. Obviously the media are outraged. The characters in question were unmasked as being members of a "new" group: Muslims Against Crusades, or MAC, for short. Bear in mind here my last few posts, in respect of Scotland/Ireland, and that mac means "son of" (as perhaps, in this senario, God).

American rapper, Prodigy, born 2/11/74, the above album released 27/3/2007, produced by The Alchemist. (see forthcoming "Golden Age")

Lastly, Prince William, in Afghanistan today, laying wreathes.

The Sun finds poppy thugs.
wiki - Machiavelli (and his Prince)


aferrismoon said...

Poppy in Czech = Mak. Czech is the world's biggest producer of poppy seeds.

Perhaps the Moslems were burning the poppies to demonstrate against the Opium production in Afghanistan


ray said...

Perhaps the Moslems were burning the poppies to demonstrate against the Opium production in Afghanistan

national holiday Veteran's Day in america, commemorative poppies, paradice slaves from trauma and (v profitable!) war make lifelong "customers"

just before reaching the wizard in oz (a positive if imperfect male guide) the companions of dorothy were enslaved by the western witch with fields of pallie-atives

"Poppies are used as emblems on tombstones to symbolize eternal sleep. This aspect was used, fictionally, in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz to create magical poppy fields...."

so (mostly unaware probably) protesting western empire by latest version of east india co. kontrollers ... many in the east -- political and apolitical -- see the anglosphere as entranced

"obviously in the grip of something"


Newspaceman said...

Thanks to you both. Sorry not got back on previous posts (as with other comments), am, as usual, struggling for time and motivation (including posting).

oz = down under = poms = pseudo occult media is accomodating zion ?


Newspaceman said...

Unwittingly, obviously Ben.


Anonymous said...

Ye know, having looked at william greeting and talking to people i have to say he appears a down to earth nice young man..

Maybe it really is Chaz..


Anonymous said...

So ~ do you think the wedding will actually happen? I just get this feeling that she's no more than a pawn (though far from innocent) ~ kind like our dear pres in the good ole USA.

Would not surprise me in the least for something deja vu of Diana to occur.

What are your thoughts?

Newspaceman said...

Kate's headlined on the BBC as " admitting" that joining the Royal Family is a "daunting prospect".

As we know from Stairway to Heaven, sometimes words have two meanings. Dawn as in Sun God rising.

Who knows, to answer. Maybe Di is not dead.

z - you should have slept on it.