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Sunday, 21 November 2010

You just can't keep him down

Wills hits the headlines again today, nothing to do with Kate, but rather in his helicopter pilot capacity, apparently rescuing a heart attack victim from Snowdon, Wales' highest mountain.


BBC report.

See also Gas Masks re his first "rescue", additionally topical given the Charles Camilla Queen stuff over the last few days, indeed Prime Minister, David Cameron, has entered the stage:
Cameron :"Too early to say if Camilla could be Queen"


aferrismoon said...

Snowball > Snowdon.

Don being a Mafia head

Anyhow many mines in that area - the slate mine is massive.

Its near Caernarfon where Charles was made Prince of Wales.

Lord Caernarvon I think funded Howard Carter's Egypt expedition that found Tutankhamun


... said...

The great 'Sun' in his 'winged chariot' descending from the heavens?

Anonymous said...

Not just Future King but a current savior.