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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

En - cryptid (Guess who's back)

"I've created a monster, cause nobody wants to see Marshall no more"

The countdown is on, the date announced: 29th April. I was 18 days out. (Edit: A holiday has been declared. Long live the King).

Meanwhile, again from the main BBC headline page, we read of a proposed new visitor centre for Loch Ness - The Jacobite Discovery Project - under the banner:
"Up from the depths... Loch Ness could cool new centre". Given the last few posts re Walter Scott, Rob Roy, Stuart bloodlines and (fallen) angels "rising", this is perhaps no surprise.

It is worth recalling the Queen Mother / Loch Ness Monster "co-incidence"; in that it was the former's 33rd birthday the same day that the monster - an alleged cryptid - was "revitalised" through an article which appeared in the Inverness Courier regarding a Mr. George Spicer, who claimed to have seen the beast on the 22nd July 1933 (although the Courier had run a short submitted report just prior, where the term "monster" was first applied) . Up until then it had been forgotten about for 1368 years, indeed thus since 565, when it was allegedly tackled with the help of God by Saint Columba, a Christian missionary. Nonetheless, from my post

"the nearest approach to a dragon or pre-historic animal that I have ever seen in my life".

Lest we forget, the countdown won't be completed on 29th April; for that we must wait for the London Olympics and some sort of raising of the King ritual. In the meantime, given the Loch Ness/Crowley/Jimmy Page connections, I feel justified in once again promoting my outlandish Beijing handover - Wizard of Oz parody theory: Things are not always as they seem.

cheers. >eminem - without me : If I had the time, will, and thought it was worth it, I would link this, amongst other things, to Malcolm McLaren's Buffalo Girls (sampled by Slim) and thus Sex Pistol , John Lydon, a man who was booked on the Lockerbie flight, but missed it. (Lydon "missed Lockerbie flight" -BBC). From there, 1976, The Pistols, and a Jubilee. "Ever been swindled ?"


Anonymous said...

Want to share an excerpt of the email I just sent my mum ~ regarding 12/20-21/2010.

Full Lunar Eclipse (last full one occured in 2007).

Eclipse will occur at beginning of Winter Solstice (crossover between solstices ~ very rare).

Eclipse visible over US, Europe, Israel (the moon will appear huge ~ and red). I've also read that the Central Path is right over Jerusalem, Orion's Sword, and the Great Pyramid!?!

Will occur on what is the True Sabbath Day.

13th Full Moon in less than a full year's time (355 days, to be exact) ~ which is the true Blue Moon.

Exactly 2 years before what so many are expecting to be TEOTWAWKI ~ including freemason's, illuminati, new agers, etc...

Many of the planets are supposed to be very visible during the Daylight hours on 12/21 ~ but then are not visible at all that night?!

Matthew 24: 20 Preye ye, that youre fleyng be not maad in wynter, or in the saboth. 21 For thanne schal be greet tribulacioun, what maner `was not fro the bigynnyng of the world to now, nether schal be maad.

Newspaceman said...

I quite believe it but cannot see it, or the other date you suggest as being teotwawki. Where do you get your information that illuminati and freemasons believe this. My way of thinking is that they are creating a new global world (zion) complete with King and that the architecture for this will be complete in time for the commencement of the Age Of Aquarius. So, I suppose it could be Teotwawki (the end of the world as we know it) but not in the way you infer.

"D.A. Carson, a New Testament scholar, begins his commentary on Matthew 24 with the following words: "Few chapters of the Bible have called forth more disagreement among interpreters than Matthew 24 and its parallels in Mark 13 and Luke 21. The history of the interpretation of this chapter is immensely complex" (The Expositor's Bible Commentary, volume 8, page 488)."


ray said...

"Jacobite Discovery Project"? lol guess that qualifies as revelation of the method

dredging the loch bottom no doubt will produce many jacobite spirits, must refrain from laughter at 33rd birthday/nessie synch not wanting to appear ungallant

"given the Loch Ness/Crowley/Jimmy Page connections, I feel justified in once again promoting my outlandish Beijing handover - Wizard of Oz parody theory:"

nicely worked-in outlandishness, yet-

jack parsons emulated crowley, and parsons was no mere spiritualist

wales and china both red dragons, and china also came up for me today -- ran across the original version of sinatra's "manchurian candidate"

Spaceman yr right in the Front Row for the grandee coniunctio/alkhemikal wedding PLUS bonus olympic korenation, some blokes get all the fun


Anonymous said...

On April 29 2010 the copy of the liafail or the stone of scone/destiny was swapped:


Newspaceman said...
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Newspaceman said...
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Newspaceman said...

Ray, yeah, they have indeed set aside 100 "golden" tickets for the riff raff.

Re the Jacobites, the Loch Lomond search is over, 6 days or so : "a few items of interest were found". Aye, a teenagers magazine stash.

z, I wrote about that too, but did not put in the date so never found it when I checked yesterday. Well spotted and thanks. Uncanny. You realise I picked the 11th becuase of the Stone being returned to Arbroath Abbey (plus William of O and Mary). Anway, here is the post:


Newspaceman said...

Moon, you will get the white rabbit in the linked mnm vid. Plus the rest. Double tipple.


Newspaceman said...

Subtle is the serpent:

McLaren's Buffalo girls. All cavort in red and white till 1:41. Then you see two shaded darkies in the background. One carries a shepherd's crook, forming a 9. The other has two white stripes on his shirt, forming an eleven.

We jump to an arch.

Obviously, I am not from NY...