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Monday 20 January 2014

Sugar and spice....


Harry Styles, from the X factor born One Direction, has got two new tattoos according to the mail on line.

One is of the Bible, the other simply says Silver Spoon. They should go well with his others, which include two tiny crosses with the letters M and K beneath, and a large butterfly;  although to be fair he does sport a fair number of body “artworks”.

The handshake as shown in the image at top is perhaps the most revealing as to the “real” Harry.

The silver spoon has connections to freemasonry according to “whistleblower” Captain William Morgan, who was allegedly murdered by the craft. Morgan was arrested for alleged non payment of debt on 11th September 1826, before being released on the same day. Not much is known for definate thereafter, although there was obviously shenanigans involved. It's another 911.


.”Here the Master reaches his arm through the golden gate, opens the tabernacle and takes therefrom a pot of manna, and presenting a morsel of it to the Candidate, in a silver spoon, proceeds as follows….The pot of Manna and the silver spoon are then replaced in the tabernacle, and the golden door is closed…

Uri Geller – see two posts ago (related)
Some might infer too, that the initials MK refer to the infamous mind control experiments carried out by the CIA named MKUltra, in the belief that the techniques discovered are still being utilised under the banner Monarch programming. Allegedly, this refers to the Monarch butterfly, as with Harry's tattoo.

Dirty Harry's badge - note omnipresent numerals
My personal understanding of the  butterfly is that the elite see themselves as stewards of the planet; collective humanity as a hairy caterpillar, a garden undesirable. Yet this caterpillar will turn into a thing of beauty well worthy of the recultivated Garden of Eden after it's chrysalis stage (the bit we should be worried about, when they delete the filth, which they orchestrated). Whilst the monarch angle speaks for itself.

Another creature allegedly utilised by the elite as a symbol of their handywork is the owl. One can perhaps glean why from the fact that owls can turn their heads some 270 degrees in both directions, thus they can cover a full 360 degrees. Plus they have big eyes and are rumoured to be wise. It resonates the elite's beloved pyramid and all seeing eye – the objective being to build a one world, diminished in numbers, society, with them as “Gods”.

We saw an owl today whilst many eyes were turned on Edinburgh and the Mikaeel Kular “murder”. It was on the BBC website beside the van which was allegedly transporting Rosdeep, aged 33, to court.



Vigilant Citizen – Monarch mind control
Aangirfan – Mikaeel Kular Mystery


Anonymous said...

For anon, yesterday's comments :

Re Rosetta comet.

Anonymous said...

Echoes of Sandy Hook/Newtown

From the Sandy Hook/Newtown radio transcript

At 22:02, an officer says: “763 Zula Rima Julliet, 763 TLJ Lucifer.”
At 22:36, what sounds like the same officer says: “New Jersey plates, a couple of occupants, eh… not sure where exactly on Stoneway, I got cut off on the caller…”
At 25:12, what sounds like the same officer says: “Fat van? near 55 Stoneway when you’re ready. Jersey, Charlie 6 6 Bravo SS, New Jersey, Charlie 66 Bravo Sierra Sierra, there’ll be a few males in the van…”
At 27:10, an officer says: “Ford Econoline, eh registered to the Courier car rental out of Wayne, New Jersey.”
Another officer responds: “the occupants are out of state they’re doing a documentary on owl(?)-hunting in Canaan(?)”

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As well as Irn Bru getting banned, a couple of products were banned for having too many " vitamins and minerals "