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Sunday 19 January 2014

Scotland's "Statue of Liberty"..

Given the sentiments often expressed here, there's a fairly revealing story in today's Scotland on Sunday concerning Mohamed Al Fayed and a proposed "statue of liberty" should Scotland vote for independence.

The statue will be of Princess Scota, Al Fayed noting that : "When Scotland becomes independent it will need a female symbol to personify its greatest characteristics – courage, foresight and intelligence. England has Britannia, France has Marianne and Scotland should have Princess Scota. Honouring Scota in the form of a statue is long overdue. She was a phenomenal leader and princess."

Whilst the article reminds us of the legend (although there are variations) : "Scota, the daughter of Pharaoh Chencres, took to sea 3,600 years ago after a quarrel with her ­father, taking with her two sons and the Stone of Destiny, on which Scottish kings would later be crowned. The princess is said to have died shortly after discovering a windswept land off the north-west coast of Europe, which became home to her sons and which was named in her honour"

Pyramid memorial for Princess Diana and Dodi
 Someone else who is fascinated by the tale is spoon-bender and alleged CIA asset, Uri Geller; so much so that on 11/2/2009, he purchased Lamb Island in the Firth of Forth, close to Edinburgh, as he believes that the Princess may have stashed some treasure there. Having said that, he has only visited once, when he clambered onto the rocky outcrop, holding his spade aloft to the sky in a hermetic pose worthy of any Italian Renaissance masterpiece. Or perhaps not.

Uri is also fascinated with numbers, in particular the digits 11 11 (eleven eleven). Note the date of his island acquisition, for example. Much more on this topic from  The Pyramids of Scotland Revisited.

A "dark" Prince William from Hello magazine issue 1111,  dated 22/2/2010


Note - some claim that the Statue of Liberty (which was gifted by freemasons) is a representation of ISIS. Princess Diana endorsed a perfume of the same name. 

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