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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Aesop's Stables

Scottish First Minister and leader of the Scottish Parliament gets on well with H.M. Queen. Reportedly, they bonded over a mutual love of horses, specifically horse racing.

Nostradamus : "poison, hidden under the heads of salmon"
Yesterday, the bulk of the media carried a story about an advert produced by Scottish Cycling promoting safe driving which has been banned by the regulators. The image is at top, the reason it has been banned is because the flame haired vixen on the bicycle has neglected to wear a helmet. (BBC)

Rolf Harris @ work
Advertisers know how to prey on our "dark side". When we see this advert, does it perhaps effect one's unconscious in a dubious manner, after all when one "thinks horse" what does one actually "think". I thought about it last night, and I could only come up with ride it, put a wager on it, or feed it with a flat palm; apart from the keep your distance angle as the advert allegedly implies. I only asked myself in the spirit of "equality", the same spirt alluded to by Madonna @ the Grammys and Miley commenting on same-sex relationships on the Disney channel, as noted in yesterday's post.

On perusing today's on-line media articles though, another "horse thought" has reared up most relevantly. Believe it or not, one can twerk it. Miley did it just last night, in the presence of Madonna @ an MTV Unplugged performance. (here)

There's a horse within the walls of Edinburgh Castle, where the Stone of Destiny resides. It's formed in stained glass on the windows of the National War Memorial which was constructed mid-wars. It's not just any old horse, but rather a depiction of Faithful and True from the Biblical Book of Revelation. The rider wears a cloak, adorned with a swastika. He is obviously out to "smite the nations and rule over them with a rod of iron", or words to that effect. (here)

 Hitler later utilised the swastika. If Hitler had completed his plans, then we would be a world at peace, simply because there would be no-one left for "him" to fight.



hirundine said...

Strange that, when we were kids nobody wore helmets when riding bicycles. Nobody went to hospital, with head injuries. Yes, I've seen the statistics. ~ Lies, damn lies and statistics. While it may be that saving just one life makes it worthwhile. One wonders at, how the cycle helmet industry now prospers? ... Cheers!

Newspaceman said...

Yeah no-one wore one here either. Now one is frowned upon if one allows one's child to ride without one. The "saving one life" is the logic used in a number of nanny state recommendations.

You know that a "ride" is a euphemism over here, as is "feeding the horse". I maybe should have explained it better.


aferrismoon said...

Considering the starlets featured in this post I assume the suggestion is ' Think Whores ', after all 'riding the bike' and ' wearing a [purple] helmet' could be euphemisms for other activites.

The 'Bicycle' song by Queen comes to mind.

Happened to watch Rab nesbitt episode about Glasgow City of Culture. His philosophy of the 'scum and kiech' seems to be coming of age.


hirundine said...

Dear Newspaceman,

Having spent the first 28 years of my life in O' Blighty. I should have seen the connotation contained? "Ride" is similarly a euphemism in Canada too. ... I wasn't looking for it! Though I was thinking "horse-faced" which could describe the family of Saxe-Coberg Gotha?