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Sunday, 12 January 2014

Metrosexual Quarterly

The above image is of Rihanna "with slit-like pupils and a possessed gaze" from the cover of men's fashion magazine GQ last December. The photo shoot was directed by "artist" Damien Hirst, afterwards Rihanna tweeted "Medusa head on me like I’m ‘luminati!!!", luminati apparently being code for the Illuminati, the alleged manipulators of collective humanity. Note the wording to the right of the front page :"ALL HAIL THE NEW "NEW MAN !" Meet the Child Rearing, Therapy loving, Overachieving, Super-breed of British Men. (here)

I mentioned David and Victoria Beckham in my last post and, according to today's mail on line,  they appear to be fans of Hirst given they have sourced one of his "artworks, named Daddy's Girl, for their daughter Harper's nursery and seemingly have another couple of his creations dotted in their mansion. A similar work sold for £600,000 in 2011. The image above is from the link.

Hirst utilises a butterfly symbol as his signature motif as can be seen in Daddy's Girl. Some say that the butterfly is synonymous with mind control and indeed the infamous aforementioned Illuminated Ones. 

What we know for sure is that many humans are known to ape "celebrities" and their behaviour,  thus if one was of the mind - Illuminati or otherwise -  to control or herd the masses, for example in an androgynous, equal worker-slave manner, then it would be a fairly sound strategy to control, even manufacture, the "celebrities" - whilst remaining discreet.



Unknown said...

Excellent post!

- Aangirfan

Newspaceman said...

Many thanks, much appreciated.


Anonymous said...

by no stretch of the imagination can Damian hurst be caled an artist
A tavistock manipulator
would be nearer the truth

Newspaceman said...

Appreciated, I think I put artist in inverted commas.