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Tuesday 14 January 2014

All the world's a stage..

In the last post I noted the portrayal of celebrities, utilising the "media", by a shadowy elite (Illuminati?)  to influence the "masses", perhaps sometimes on an unconscious basis using symbols; whilst previous recent posts have touched on the use of the letter X, for example in the skull and crossbones.

A story from today's mail on line (here) perhaps encapsulates both. It concerns Kayne West and his fiancee, Kim Kardashian, who were allegedly racially abused by an 18 year old whilst out shopping for furniture. Apparently, the teenager held open a door for Kim whilst screaming "F**k you bitch, shut up n***er lover, stupid slut". Kayne, enraged, then chased the boy and punched him. The image of the boy is up top, note the royal crown topped skull and crossbones logo of the grey T shirt and indeed the cross in the background. The image below is of Kayne, resplendent in YEEZUS T shirt, which depicts a sort of Scooby-Doo type scary ghost, maybe the grim reaper, rising from a skull. Both images are from the source.

Yeezus is Kayne's sixth album, released on 18th June last year.

Allegedly, all masonic lodges contain a human skull. Some suggest that this is down to a Knights Templar legend concerning a Lord Sidon :

"A great lady of Maraclea was loved by a Templar, A Lord of Sidon; but she died in her youth, and on the night of her burial, this wicked lover crept to the grave, dug up her body and violated it. Then a voice from the void bade him return in nine months time for he would find a son. He obeyed the injunction and at the appointed time he opened the grave again and found a head on the leg bones of the skeleton (skull and crossbones). The same voice bade him ‘guard it Well, for it would be the giver of all good things’, and so he carried it away with him. It became his protecting genius, and he was able to defeat his enemies by merely showing them the magic head. In due course, it passed to the possession of the order. "
 Which may or may not be the case. It could be allegorical as many myths are, perhaps referring to necromancy.

Years ago, I heard via pubtalk - admittedly not always the best source - that Jimmy Savile OBE was a necrophiliac. I thought little about it till Jimmy was buried in a golden coffin, encased in concrete and set at a 45 degree angle. 

French fashion label, Brooklyn we go hard, utilise Savile's Glencoe residence for fashion shoot
Meanwhile to close, I recently noted that Prince William was to begin  a short course in agriculture at Cambridge University. It started last Monday. Last night, "revolutionary" Russell Brand addressed the Union at Cambridge, calling them "Harry Potter poofs" (here). A couple of images of Brand follow, note the "illuminated" light bulb and Brand's woolen pullover decoration.



aferrismoon said...

Sometimes the media refer to Brand Beckham - of course animals and slaves are branded.

The Century of the Self by Adam Curtis is worth a view if you've not seen it


Newspaceman said...

Cheers Moon, not even heard of it but had a look and seems mostn interesting; good one with the Brand "angle", totally missed it.

I looked at the updated mail on line last night, and the "new" image of the foul mouthed boy has been cropped so one cannot see the logo any more.

The link still works though, back to the first one.


aferrismoon said...

Brand " angle " makes me think of " Brand Angel "

They brand severe crisis of thought, generally