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Saturday, 4 January 2014

Purple Reigns

The above is the National Monument of Scotland, located on city centre Calton Hill (one of Edinburgh's 7 hills). Unfortunately, the construction was never completed due to lack of funds, thus it is known as Edinburgh's Folly, Scotland's Folly, or even Scotland's Disgrace.

Back in 1826 when the plans were mooted, the Royal Association formed to oversee the project stated their ambition : to adopt the Temple of Minerva or Parthenon of Athens, as the model of the Monument, and to restore to the civilised world that celebrated and justly admired edifice, without any deviation whatever, excepting the adaptation of the sculpture to the events and achievements of the Scottish Heroes, whose prowess and glory it is destined to commemorate and perpetuate, and part of which monument or building must, in terms of the said Act, be appropriated as a church or place of Divine worship, to be maintained in all time coming by the said Association (wiki)

Note that the Roman's Minerva runs parallel to the Greek's Athena, for whom the Parthenon was dedicated; both being deities of wisdom. Minerva was often pictured with an owl as a symbol of this.
Here we go round the mulberry bush

Also per wiki, "According to John Robison's Proofs of a Conspiracy (1798), the third degree of the Bavarian Illuminati was called Minerval or Brother of Minerva, in honour of the goddess of learning. Later, this title was adopted for the first initiation of Aleister Crowley's OTO rituals".

Peaches Geldof's O.T.O. tattoo
Anyhow, back to the Folly. 

It's foundation stone was laid on 27th August 1822, during the visit of King George 4th.  The Duke of Hamilton, then (masonic) Grand Master of Scotland, led a procession of masonic lodges, royal commissioners and other dignitaries, along with a military escort, to the event.

This new year's eve, the year of Scotland's independence referendum, the Monument was illuminated in purple light along with a floodlit 2014 banner.

Allegedly, purple is a royal colour.

Top image London's Regent Street last year. Bottom - The Queen, just last Sunday

Modern "freemasonry" appears to have it's roots in Scotland, given the mother lodge 0 is located in Kilwinning. From Scotland, freemasonry spread it's tentacles globally.

The Stone of Destiny, allegedly Jacob's pillow stone, is now located in Scotland. All recent previous United Kingdom monarchs have been crowned upon it, and this is unlikely to change given Scottish First Minister, Alex Salmond's view on retaining the monarchy should Scotland decide to "go it alone".

Here at newspaceman, it makes us wonder if there is more behind the purple illumination than meets the eye, and whether Scotland will soon be exporting another product globally whilst, in the process, perhaps finishing her folly.

Jacob's ladder in Edinburgh - It leads from Calton Road (as in hill) down to Regent Street.


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