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Wednesday 15 January 2014

Joining dots

Damien Hirst's 2014 Mickey Mouse (see recent posts)

The image below was taken by Annie Leibotivz and is of Jessica Chastain posing as Scottish Merida from the 2013 Disney film, Brave. It is due to appear on the February front cover of O - The Oprah Magazine. It will be interesting to note the rest of the "artwork".

Some people believe that there is more to the magical Disney films than meets the eye. They may have read Fritz Springmeier, or they may have perceived a clue from Walt's 33 club.

I'm not sure that John Negroni does in the manner I allude to, but he has reviewed the movie along with the other Disney subshoot Pixar offerings and come to the conclusion that they are all inter-connected. John believes that one must enjoy "fun and imagination" to like his theory, which may be the case; personally I appreciated it because it perhaps shows the depths to which the unconscious can be influenced - if we take the notion that most just see the movie as the movie, without thinking deeper or paying more attention. It's like a form of hypnotism, of implanting ideas.

Being brief, and it is a fairly comprehensive theory, John notes how Brave covers the earliest time period - The Dark Ages - of all the Pixar animations, yet contains reference to "future" ones through the witch, who provides Merida with the magic she needs via the will-o-the-wisps. In short, Scotland, magic, and "witchcraft" are at the root of our "modern" world.

Sully, from Monster's Inc, in the witch's workshop

The witch, with model Pizza Plant truck
Meanwhile, to conclude:
A young Miley

From 2008,  Leibotivz 's  Miley Cyrus ( Disney's Hannah Montana) aged 15

Miley now

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