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Monday, 2 November 2009

Something evil's lurking ?

Yesterday we learned from the BBC that the small town of Huntly in Aberdeenshire was "set to stage its own tribute to late superstar Michael Jackson with a mass Thriller dance", the day after Halloween

Town all set for Jackson tribute:

Dozens of people in Huntly are to recreate the famous video as part of a festival on Sunday.

The zombified local residents have been preparing for the Huntly Hairst event with choreographers for many weeks to perfect their routine.

After the event Huntly was hit by the worst flooding for 50 years, as we note again from the BBC, this time today's,
Heavy rain causes flooding chaos:

Insp Kevin Wallace, of Grampian Police, said the force's focus had moved to the Huntly area, where dozens of houses were affected by high waters from the river Deveron.

He said water had got into a large number of properties on the north side of Huntly.
Dozens of people from a local care home - many elderly and vulnerable - were taken to safety by rescuers after a river burst its banks.

First Minister Alex Salmond, who is the MSP for Gordon, visited Huntly and said: "Many families and elderly people have been affected by what has been the second round of flooding in as many weeks.

The B side of Jackson's Thriller single was: Can't Get Outta the Rain

Note: in an almost incredible twist, it appears that a Barbary Macaque monkey called Yousef escaped from Edinburgh Zoo on Thursday and was recaptured after being shot with tranquillisers on Saturday. This was the second time he had broken free, the first being just days after Michael J's death as noted in my post Hair snare bunch. The name Yousef is a variant of Joseph, Jackson's middle name.

Edinburgh Evening News report.

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