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Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Devil in Sports Casual

Picking up on another brace of King related stories:

The first appeared in the media on Monday afternoon, just prior to the solstice, but concerns the birth of a King Penguin chick at (Royal) Edinburgh Zoo back in late October. No reason is given in the
BBC report for the delay in reporting, however given my ongoing thoughts about Prince William and his androgyny, at least in terms of "our" unconscious perception, this quote (from link) seems apt:

"It is too young to tell if the chick is a boy or girl so it has not been named."

The second regards an incident today at Prestwick airport, Ayrshire, where a plane failed to stop whilst taxiing on the runway on arrival from Dublin, Ireland and skidded onto the grass - thankfully with no injuries. (
BBC report). Prestwick airport was the location of Elvis - the King - Presley's only visit to Scotland (indeed the UK), on a top freemason level resonating, 3/3, in 1960 (adding all the digits gives 22, double 11 etc) It maybe needs reminding that Ayrshire could be considered the birthplace of the current wave of "masonry", the Lodge Mother Number 0, located in Kilwinning, is only 13 miles or so away. The etymology re Ryan (see pic below & here):

From an Irish surname which was derived from Ó Riain meaning "descendent of Rían". The given name Rían probably means "little king" (from Irish rí "king" combined with a diminutive suffix).

Note - there was another incident today at Kingston airport Jamaica, where a plane overshot the runway.


Anonymous said...

KING is on my mind as well. 2012 is a long ways off and of the few movies due to come out that year, I noticed there are already 3 movies with KING in the title, including "Once and Future King", a King Arthur theme I am definitely right smack in the middle of researching (was kind of scary when I found out.)

Keep up the good work.

aferrismoon said...

RYANAIR reverses to

RIAN-AYR - wee king of Ayr

Enjoy the New Year
Happy thoughts to the missis and the wee bairn


aferrismoon said...

Also the jet that overflew the runway in Jamaica was American Airlines
Its logo has an A either side of an Eagle.

Playing with RIA - N - AYR , the 2 wors AIR and AYR have their As next to the N.

N in Tarot = The DEATH card, which is attributed to Scorpio. The Eagle is apparently 'the same' symbol as the Scorpion, and Crowley's Book of Thoth pack has both scorpion and eagle on it.

Of course Eagles fly in the Air


Newspaceman said...

Thanks very much to you both.

You could tie this up with Tiger Woods I suppose (seems to be all the rage) given that Scotland is of course the home of golf and that Prestwick was the venue (and birthplace) for the first ever Open Championship which was held in 1860.

As regards your Crowley/Thoth connection AFM, 78 cards in the pack, from wiki re Prestwick and transportation:

The A79 road runs directly through the town, and is normally reached from the A77 trunk road between Glasgow and Stranraer, or from the A78 Ayrshire coastal route to Largs and Greenock.

cheers again

Newspaceman said...

ps. NGA, Just had a quick peep at your "namesakes" site and noticed references to the Pope.

Prestwick golf club was formed in 1851 by a group of 57 men, headed by Lord Eglinton (13th Earl), who met at the Red Lion Inn. Top golfer Tom Morris (referred to as a pioneer of the sport) was recruited from St. Andrews (home of golf) to act as greenkeeper and "professional". Morris held the record for the largest margin of victory in a major championship (13 strokes) until he was eclipsed by Tiger Woods in 2000.

This has appeared in the news today re the Pope, in connection with the founding of St Andrews Uni in 1413 (where Prince William studied) :

Re Eglinton, their family home (castle) is in Kilwinning, site of the mother lodge (0) of freemasonry, as previously noted

I will maybe try to expand in a post

cheers again

Newspaceman said...

I suppose you could also add Ivana Trump being escorted from an airliner on the 28th, given her ex husband and his Scottish golf course plans (as noted previously).

Her cuurent husband ( the 4th one /fore) is Italian.


Newspaceman said...

Sorry, going back to aferrismoon's comment, the connection between aeroplanes and golf being flying in the sky , golf resonating with birdies, albatross & eagle.