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Sunday, 15 November 2009

Curtain raising

We touched on the historic, Stuart connected, Prestonfield - originally Priestfield - House Hotel last month here at newspaceman in regard to a hedgehog which had entered the premises before giving birth to a prile of hoglets behind a curtain and a pile of logs; after being discovered they were left well alone in case of cannibalism (See chopper)

Last Saturday, 7/11/09, we saw a meeting of the global G20 group at St. Andrews, Scotland, discussing the ongoing, surely engineered, new world order orientated "financial crisis" in which a pledge was made to keep "stimulus" measures in place until recovery is assured. (in the interim create a generation, or more, of indebted humans)

Later that very evening at the Prestonfield House Hotel, disgraced Royal Bank of Scotland (the world's largest company 2008) chairman and pharmakos, Fred Goodwin, attended a charity dinner organised by his wife, Joyce, the event raising £150,000 for the Barnardos organisation. Part of the entertainment included an ABBA tribute band, The Fabbagirls, who sang Money Money Money.

Going back to 4th November 2004, Lord Watson of Invergowrie, attended a function for Scottish Politician of the Year at the same venue, where he drunkenly engaged in an act of wilful fire raising by setting the curtains alight; an offence for which he received 16 months imprisonment. From wiki re Invergowrie:

A village referred to as Invergourin was recorded in 1124. This would suggest that the name was from derived Scottish Gaelic Inbhir- meaning the mouth, namely Tay, and -gobhar meaning the place of goats

From, Fire-raising peer sent to prison:

The sheriff said that it was due to the prompt action of staff that there was neither injury nor more significant damage.

She said there had been no explanation for his actions

see too a box without hinges key or lid, the scotch egg analogy resonating the "gypsy method" of high temperature clay-ball cooking a hedgehog.

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