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Sunday, 11 October 2009

Ring of Fire

Another couple of outer-space related stories have raised their head over the last couple of days, the first from Friday regards a famous UFO incident known as the A70 abduction case, in which two normal working men were allegedly abducted (then intimately examined) in their motor vehicle by a flying saucer of some description which trapped them in an energy beam. A movie is to be made of the happening, hence the media interest. See Filmaker set to reopen Lothian's very own X files.

The second is perhaps more sinister, if you believe that there is some sort of occult worship of Saturn going own in today's world, which, judging by the astrological line up at the time of the Lockerbie bombing and the ongoing shennanigans all related to the flowering of the New World Order in 2012, seems likely to me. We read from the BBC of how towns and cities in Scotland (germination place of the NWO all these years ago) are to be used to represent planets and asteroids in a large scale model of the solar system.

How this works exactly is beyond me, however the date chosen for this happening is 24th October, United Nations Day, although the town chosen to represent Saturn, Inverness, is holding it's event a week early to avoid clashing with some sort of Homecoming Scotland event - the latter a matter which I have discussed at some length in previous posts. From:
Cities in big Solar System model:

Inverness, representing Saturn, will hold an event a week earlier to avoid clashing with other activities.

Highlands Astronomical Society will beam a 15m true-to-scale image of Saturn onto the Eastgate Shopping Centre.

I did touch on the - most notable for it's automaton Noah's Ark clock - Eastgate Shopping Centre back in July in my post,
When the Saints go marching home, after it was hit by lightning and severe flooding. In the same post I again noted the Queen's visit to officially open the Glendoe hydro electric scheme back in June, we note now that a rockfall has closed a tunnel within the complex, thus putting the plant out of action till at least next year (see here).



Mr P said...

Scotland is the centre of universe!

Anonymous said...

Also, the recent talk of ├írc´from that idiot Salmond, is something NOT to be taken lightly´either.


Newspaceman said...

Cheers Mr. P, bang on.

Cheers too Chig, I noticed a photo of Salmond in the Evening News last week, the background made it look like he had a crown on. He is well part of it all, a double cross.


Anonymous said...

Talk of an ´arc´ shows that either he or his script-writer(s) know of what´s ahead, for us all....the man is dangerous and shouldn´t be trusted (as noted in his cocky manner of the past few years.....(thought aloud) ever since the Queen´s annus horibilas, in fact ??).