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Wednesday, 18 November 2009


We return to the Aberdeenshire village of Pennan, location for the film Local Hero, which involved an American business tycoon, Felix Happer, attempting to purchase an entire community in order to establish an oil refinery yet being outfoxed by a hermetical beachcomber named Ben Knox.

I touched on the similarities between the movie and the real-life acquisition of a nature reserve to build a housing development with golf course by Donald Trump way back in January 2008 in the post
Communication in Mysterious Ways; at that time DT had not obtained planning permission for his pipe dream whilst Pennan was hit by an act of God: severe landslides which "turned the sea red with mud as far as the eye could see" whilst causing huge damage to the village - yet miraculously leaving the telephone box intact.

Since then Trump has had his application approved in an extraordinary, indeed groundbreaking, move by Alex Salmond's Scottish government which overuled the local council and agreed to allow the wealthy Yank to destroy a nature reserve. Just a day after work commenced on the sand dunes a whale was swept up on the beach, as noted in my recent post

Today we read of further disaster for Pennan as it transpires a large crack has appeared in an overlooking cliff, resulting in the 12 inhabitants being evacuated from their homes in order to allow some type of structural engineering work to take place.
BBC: Landslide villagers set to leave.


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