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Tuesday, 27 October 2009

The Man from Atlantis

I touched on Uri Geller and his purchase of Lamb Island in the river Forth on 11/02/2009, making reference to the article Pyramids of Scotland by exiled Scotsman, Jeff Nisbet.

Uri plans to dowse the island for signs of buried treasure which he believes is buried there; in the interim Jeff has produced a follow up article,
The Pyramids of Scotland Revisited, in which he delves more deeply into his "theories", in particular with reference to Atlantis, the great flood, and Freemasonry's "Cosmic Angles":

"What are the chances that the freemasonic numbers 23.5, 33, and 47 would lead us to a small patch of the globe containing three islands laid out in the pattern of Orion’s Belt, near a very pyramidal hill just three feet shorter than the Great Pyramid, only 20 miles to the east of a Sphinx-shaped extinct volcano with Arthurian connections, in a city that is the acknowledged world capitol of Scottish Rite freemasonry -- all in a land with an much-decried Egyptian foundation legend?"

But Gaythelos’ pedigree was more ancient still—stretching back many more generations to Old-Testament patriarch Noah, eldest survivor of the Biblical Flood.


See : all 2 geller now for February purchase info.


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Thanks Jeff, I hope you don't mind me using your research the way I do, any probs please let me know.

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