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Friday, 30 October 2009

Jonah ?

Last month I wrote my post, a sandwich full of nonsense, where I noted that Uri Geller's recently acquired Lamb Island lay almost directly in between the infamous Lockerbie and Balmedie - the site of Donald Trump's "best golf course in the world" which he is currently developing, despite opposition. Indeed work began on the liberty Wednesday just past. (Trump objectors extremists)

On Tuesday, in my last post, I noted that Jeff Nisbet had published his follow up article, The Pyramids of Scotland Revisited, where he again referenced historical floods, Atlantis, Lamb Island and the town of North Berwick, specifically the whale bone "capstoned" hill, North Berwick Law:

Walter Ferrier, in his 1980 “The North Berwick Story,” explains the etymology of the town’s name, writing that Bere is the Old English word for “barley,” and Wic means “village.” In “Star Names: Their Lore and Meaning,” Richard Hinckley Allen reports that in the Egyptian “Book of the Dead” Orion was known as Smati-Osiris, the Barley God.

In my article I drew attention to a mid-17th-century map on which The Lamb was named Long Bellenden -- curious because it is the shortest of the three islands. I then speculated that the islands may have been “one long island at some point, carved from the mainland by a cataclysm the ancient ‘mythmakers’ would only hint at, and then cut into three,” and that the nearby North Berwick Law, just three feet shorter than Giza’s Great Pyramid, might have been “shaped” into the pyramidal form we now recognize it by.

From the BBC we note of how a Noah's ark raintime length resonating 40 foot and 40 tonne sperm whale was today found dead, washed up on the Scottish coastline.

The location? None other than "Trump's" Balmedie Beach.


Sperm whale found dead at beach.
Moby Dick chpts 87/88.

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thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries all nations were deceived -- rev 18