Documenting from Scotland the rise of the One World King; the "masonic" Sun God.

Friday, 3 April 2009

G20 - Food for thought

If truth be told I am struggling with this post, but need to attempt it. The basics are that we are creating a New World Order and soon will see a new Global God King to save us from the "financial ruin" scheme currently being implemented. This all ties in with Biblical prophesy, especially the Book of Revelation, and it is my (amongst some others) contention that Prince William (of Orange/Gold) is to be our "saviour" - get us out of the soup .

It requires noting that Scottish rooted freemasonry is the architect of our Western world, and indeed economic backbone. As such, those who built it, chop it, thus destroy it, but for a purpose. A sacrifice to the new empire.

nb. Curiously, the numbers 11 11 seem to crop up unproportionately, especially if we consider the V sign - as will become clear. This could be considered synchronistic - a meaningful coincidence.

Order from Chaos (alchemy) :


Baked Scottish Salmon with Seashore Vegetables, Broad Beans, Herb Garden Salad, Mayonnaise and Wild Garlic-scented Irish Soda bread

• Vegetarian option is Childwickbury Goat's Cheese with Roast Shallots, Seashore Vegetables, Herb Green Salad and Wild Garlic-scented Irish Soda Bread (no mayo)

Slow-Roasted Shoulder of Welsh Lamb, very first of the season Jersey Royals, first of the season Asparagus and Wild St George Mushrooms. Mint Sauce and Gravy

• Vegetarian option is Lovage & Potato Dumplings with first of the season Asparagus and Wild St George Mushrooms

Hot Bakewell Tart with Home-made Custard

Let us digest:

Salmon parr (baby salmon) live in a burn (small river) somewhere, often in Scotland. Once a year they head, en masse, for the sea. There, they eat well, returning after a couple, maybe more, years - as fat as pancakes - to spawn (reproduce). Think about it longer term. Think about Homecoming Scotland 2009. Salmon are the king of fish.

Childwickbury was the home of Clockwork Orange famed Stanley Kubrick from 1978 - 1999, (thinking clockwork resonating time) . A must read, Wrong Way Wizard - Killing Time: Reflections on Kubrick's "The Shining" .

From Jamie's own blog we further note that "early vegetables" have been sourced from Secrett's Farm in Sussex, and the Irish soda bread was baked using organic flour from Shipton Mill. Furthermore, the bakewell tart utilises Grasmere ginger shortbread. Secrett's seems self-explanatory, whilst Shipton resonates strongly with Mother Shipton, a sixteenth century "witch", soothsayer and prophetess. Grasmere is a small village in Cumbria overlooked by a small rocky hill called Helm Crag, popularly known as The Lion and the Lamb. According to wikipedia two particular features it possesses are High and Low Raven Crags; ravens, some believe, represent the Devil.

On the place Bakewell (from where the tart derives), and neglecting the obvious bake-well symbolising creation analogy, we note from wikipedia that:

Bakewell features in the last episode of Most Haunted: Midsummer Murders. In the episode the team investigates a murder which took place in the 1800s on Christmas Eve.

Prince William was born at midsummer, ripped from his mother''s womb during an eclipse, thus symbolising the Sun on earth - but that is another story. Jesus was seemingly born at Christmas. Photo below, of bearded, thus
symbolically androgynous bearing in mind his mother, Wills, with goat like "horn" shadow from Christmas Day last year.

Getting back to the pudding, the eggs for the custard were supplied by the duchy of Cornwall, a title which Prince Charles currently holds.

Top level Scotland and Glasgow Rangers (the orange team) football players, Barry Ferguson, born 2/2 and Allan McGregor, born 31/1, dropped to the bench after being caught drinking in the aftermath of the 3-0 defeat by Holland (another orange team), now banned for ever playing for the national side again, after making these V (11?) signs (acting the goat/fool) on 1st April. They were slaughtered, Lady Diana-like, by the media. A sacrifice ?. Ferguson was awarded an MBE by the Queen after 33 games for Scotland.

The drinking session took place at the Cameron House Hotel on the banks of Loch Lomond. According to the De Vere hotel's own website, Rob Roy McGregor hid from the English Army "nearby" some 200 years ago. From wiki on Rob Roy, we note:

Along with many Highland clans, at the age of eighteen Rob Roy together with his father joined the Jacobite rising led by Viscount Dundee to support the Stuart King James who had been deposed by William of Orange.

In season:

Prince Charles meets Chinese President Hu Jintao on the 2nd April in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, London. On 9/2/2009, fire destroyed the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Beijing. (thinking Olympics, thinking 11 11)

The Postcode (p/c) Connection:

The postcode G20 belongs to an area of Glasgow called Maryhill. Hills have summits, thus Mother Mary at the top. From the BBC , Rally backing for school sit-in we read of parents who have occupied two schools which are threatened with closure, Wyndford Primary and St. Gregory's:

Page last updated at 10:11 GMT, Saturday, 4 April 2009 11:11 UK

Glasgow City Council has proposed closing or merging 13 primary schools and 12 nurseries across the city. (
Treaty of Lisbon signed on 13/12)

The protest at the two schools, which back on to each other, began at 1430 BST on Friday after parents attending a balloon launch in the school grounds locked themselves inside the assembly halls.

Occupant Nikki Rathmill, whose five-year-old son Ross attends Wyndford, said there were 11 parents and friends inside the school, with a further 11 in St Gregory's.

Some parents have claimed the plans would have a negative impact on children's education, and have suggested a better solution would be to merge Wyndford, which is non-denominational, with St Gregory's, a Roman Catholic school.

It requires noting that John Calvin, an extremely important fellow in the Protestant reformation, considered St. Gregory "the last good Pope" . Wyndford, and I use my own translation here, means: the bridge over the winding burn.


(to be expanded upon/explained in the context of Prince William: The Templars/The Baphomet/Goat of Mendes/William of Orange/New World Order King/antichrist)

wikipedia Mother Shipton.

My post on Beijing Olympic handover.

Atlantean Times - Is Jamie Oliver a Freemason.

Grailcode - detailed, at length, Biblical prophecy regarding PW. Worth reading.


Manchester Square said...

Yes, what you said in your post, had to be said. But just going over that menu I salivate.. sounds like all that was served was tasty, yet delicate to the palate.

Would like to imagine-- were these the days of William the Conqueror, what would be served? Something bloody, and tasteless comes to mind. Forget it!

Newspaceman said...

Food does not interest me although I love reading restaurant reviews; especially when they pan the place. I read Orwell's Down and Out in Paris and London years ago.

Thanks for taking the time to comment, appreciated. I need to get back to trying to create some semblance of order from the hotchpotch I have created (perhaps in my own mind).

Cooking is alchemy ?


Anonymous said...

Glasgow's Maryhill is twinned in US by the Maryhill Museum located on the cliffs atop the Columbia (goddess) Gorge

accompanying the museum is the nearby "American Stonehenge," an exact replica of the original

the sites have a longrunning occult history, and are still used ceremonially (if subtly) today -- a favorite of modern druids etc

beautiful place, full of foul spirits

cheers, ray