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Saturday, 15 December 2007

BBC TV News - Friday 14th December

Climate change and Global warming were first on the agenda on the News at 10 last night, the story being a supposed disagreement between the New World Europe and fall guy America. We heard from reporter David Shukman and saw an I'm a celebrity get me out of here treetop canopy, this time from Bali. You can watch his video report here.

Next up was the Diana Dodi enquiry. We dont always have an update, only when something special happens - like last night when we heard firstly of love letters - "all the love in the world" and then of Kelly Fisher, the lady who Dodi dumped in order to woo Diana. She called Scottish Clan Chief and Harrods owner Mohammad Al Fayed a monster. You can watch the video report here if you wish, it is all part of the rapidly composing jigsaw. Watch Di heroically march through a land-mine area and hear how she found happiness with Dodi.

Basra next, a special undercover report. This is worth watching and shows the state of the place. Note the references to "a campaign of violence against women" and the Stepford Wives - Diana would have been up in arms.

Coming up - 40 million fake pound coins - Queens head and all that.

First though we heard the tragic story of a man who got his foot stuck down a land drain in the recent floods, and sadly died, despite heroic attempts to free him.

Back to Basra to hear of a soldiers death.

To South Africa for a report on the ANC and Jacob Zuma. You can watch it here

As promised, Marcus Glindon, the man who made the fake pound coins. We heard of his turnover and business operation, run from number 54. The report is called the Enfield "mint", and can be found here.

Home Information Packs, surveys which are carried out by the sellers of a property rather than the buyer, have now been extended to cover all properties, rather than just the larger abodes.

Fabio Capello, an Italian, has become England football manger and will begin his job on 7th January, 07/01/08. How they love those numbers. 4 squared.

Britain and Nasa are set to fly to the moon in order to ascertain it's potential for human colonies. The feature is linked, watch for the suspect handshake between two Nasa brothers at one minute 14 secs. here

To close, a strange, seemingly pointless feature on 999 emergency calls.


By the light of the silvery moon

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